WTF Black Rock?

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Despite loving Pure, I'd already been burnt by Split/Second due to the fact that it has NO retail release in the UK and an exclusive digital release with Direct2Drive for double the amount most PC games retail for. So, having already severely limited distribution, what was their next brilliant move? Release a broken PC demo. 
Holy F-ing Christ... The Split/Second PC demo won't let you change any settings, even resolution. RESOLUTION. It plays in an unchangeable windowed 1280x1024 res and with no graphics menu option - only play game or quit. Why would someone release this as a PROMOTIONAL TOOL for the game?! The whole point of a PC demo is to see how it would run... WTF?!     
I guess I should wait to see how Blur turns out... 

It's a shame though because, while I appreciate that Blur is probably a deeper, longer lasting experience, my love of Pure and the sheer bombastic-ness of Split/Second had really won me over before this.

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I read the title as 'black cock'. 
Maybe I've been watching too much porn.

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@nanikore said:
" I read the title as 'black cock'.  Maybe I've been watching too much porn. "
As long as you don't go blind it's not classified as too much.
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Wow, really? No retail release in UK? Even us here in Aus get it, althoguh a bit late...
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yo this game is mad sick yo

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@Shirogane said:
" Wow, really? No retail release in UK? Even us here in Aus get it, althoguh a bit late... "
None that I can find - and the developers themselves are British... Then again their PC port of Pure was a bit of a mess so apparently they passed on the porting duties to a 3rd party for this game (a 3rd party who apparently made exactly the same mistakes - unchangeable res during hte tutorial and poor performance).
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I was in GAME yesterday and it was right there, in the number 2 spot, in a greyscale case. 

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The PC full version runs fine and is a lot of fun don't be put off by a broken demo. You can find it at online shops if you can't find it in a shop near you. 
The game rocks so worth putting in some time to find it. 
I agree they could have done it better for retail it's made in the UK so you would think it would be in every game shop possible. But that's not Black Rocks problem it's Disney's they take care (or not is this case) of getting it in shops.

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