Cake on 3-15?

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EDIT: OK, i managed to splode off of the right hand wall up there even though i wasnt actually high enough to touch it and all my previous attempts to splode in that area just left me sploding all over the place and falling down again.

Im pretty sure i know where it is (pics below) but i cant figure out how the hell to get there. Sorry, dont have a capture card, had to take photos.

This is the general area, not that far into the level

Up in the top left is a tunnel going up. You cant see it in this picture but there is also a fire thingy on the left wall slightly higher up, but i cant get that far because of the electric crap. :(

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This one actually isn't too bad. Start by standing on the edge of the area where the explosive is. The closer to the edge the better.

Now splode straight up (don't worry about being directly on top of the barrel - as long as you are close it will work) once to launch yourself up, then splode again on the barrel to launch yourself even higher.

Remember that when you splode by a barrel, it refills your ability to splode, so immediately after sploding the barrel, you can splode 3 more time.

Once you get as high as you can from the barrel, splode 2 more time very quickly - this will give you enough height to reach the wall, then use your remaining splode to wall jump to the left hand wall which has a fire spout - which refills you again. From here, you shouldn't have any problem sploding up into the room above.

I made a quick video to show you what I mean:

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