spankingaddict's Splosion Man (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

"Splosion Man is frustrating fun"

While your playing splosion man, you will probably at times hate the game, but when its all set and done you will love it and wanna play it again. First of all, there are some questionable decisions about the difficulty from twisted pixel, but once you beat it once you"ll get used to the stupid decisions.There are 50 levels(mostly awesome) and 3 average boss fights in the game.Its all about timing, quick-ass platforming, and dying 24/7(no worries, theres a lot of checkpoints). The bottomline is splosion man is a great platformer, and its rare to see that any more. They perfected the wall jump and the humor is dead on. It has great level design, but i cant say the same about the art design. I hate typing, so just buy the awesome game, it'll be worth the 10 bucks you spent..... :D


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    We've seen successful throwbacks to the simplicity of 90's platform-based gaming before, though few have accomplished the same vibe as 'Splosion Man has.  The game hinges on a simple mechanic, one button press used to contextually navigate a level at speed - very much like Sonic.  'Splosion Man is bursting at the seams with humour and charm, with the tubby little scientists serving as the butt of most jokes.  The game does lack a bit of charm when it comes to the general asthetic of each level t...

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