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SplosioN+ Man

World play on the title is supposed to refer to N+ which is a similar platform game. Other similarities games share is the difficulty level. Both games are brutally challenging.

Instead of Ninja's in 'Splosion Man you are guiding a scientist who has been in part of experiment gone wrong. Or at least this how I interpret the story from introduction movie. This and the ending is all you get to the plot. This is not a problem since this a simple platform game.

Open up Sir, I mean no harm

Graphics are presented with cartoony look over the science laboratory with random scientist and computers/desk and what not that can be blown away. Best part of the graphics is the how well Mr.Splosion himself is animated. While running he is constantly fooling around. Either running and pretending to be a plane or doing a gorilla run. The few action scenes and scenes where our antihero finds a hidden cake and goes for a devoted hugging is cracking each time. On sound front the music is upbeat 60's Bond/Pink Panther-theme style. Together with the light cheery presentation this makes suffering difficulty more friendly.
I would be running as well

On game-play front, 'Splosion Man is a 2D platform game where Mr.Splosion is to find a door and exit a level. Level's are crammed with everything humanly (golemly possible?) to stop your progress and turn the character into rubble. Splosion Man himself is a rather flexy golem that can explode up to three times and can controls his "splosion" while jumping from platform to another. Levels are crammed with exploding barrels and sliding doors. And robots of course. As mentioned previously this game is rather difficult. On majority of levels precise accuracy and/or timing is required. Luckily game has Way of The Coward mode which allows one to skip a level if necessary. Game has 50 levels with 3 boss fights each level taking from 2 minutes up to..well however bad you are on the jumping parts.

During my time with the game I can say that I did enjoy the Splosion Man experience, in short dozes though. Only annoyance (except for the cheap deaths) was the camera. Occasionally when camera is panning between screens or zooming out it didn't seem to as smooth as rest of the game. Also after 20 odd levels the 'splosion' gimmick did start to wear down and game loose bit of the fun factor.
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