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Another Winner from Twisted Pixel!

So downloaded Splosion Man from XBLA because i was interested in the basic design concept which is simply one button which makes you explode.  That may sound boring at first but it's actually really fun and there's a lot of different mechanics that make it a really challenging platformer.

There some mechanics which will prevent you from sploding aswell as obsticals where you'll have to use your wits and quick reflexes to get past.  One of my favorite thing in the game is the barrel sploding where you have to time your button presses as you hit the barrel for a little boost in height.  There is the occasional mini-boss or time sensative levels where you gotta outrun a giant robot or rising water.  Sometimes these have lead me to yell at my screen whenever i missed a jump but with a little practice you can make it through to the end.

There are 50 levels of splodalicousnes divided into 3 worlds and each world ends in a large boss battle.  The last of which is probebly one of the hardest bosses ever made but ends with a very funny sequence of events.  The credits after you beat the game are also funny and i can only compare it to the ending of Portal in level of hilarity.  The game also has a whimsical charm that matches the The Maw and the Splosion Man character has a lot of funny phrases throughout the game.

So if you like old-school platforms and don't mind a little frustration then you should definatly give Splosion Man is a must play!


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