this does not work

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Ok I have run into many frustrating problems.
I first install the game, load up spore and well there are no new parts and no new button to press.
I thought I needed the patch, so I got that and installed, Then loaded the game up again and it still said I needed to patch, Again and again I install and update and it still says that there is a new patch( the same patch btw).

Then I got thinking maybe it is because I have spore installed on my secondary drive, So I went to uninstall C&C pack, thinking that maybe the C&C pack got installed on  the wrong drive but lone behold I CAN'T DO THAT WITH OUT FIRST UNINSTALLING SPORE!

UUGGG! I just want to play my damn game!
I am not really against uninstalling then reinstalling if I can get my save files out (Looked online where they are and I still can't find them)
If Anyone has any ideas tell me!

#2 Posted by ValkyrieGoddess (1928 posts) -

I hope this helps some.
#3 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

That little thing? What the hell is that supposed to be anyway?

#4 Posted by ValkyrieGoddess (1928 posts) -

It's the Creepy and Cute parts logo. On each page of creature parts or paints schemes if it has this logo you can click it to view the Creepy and cute parts.

#5 Posted by PufferFiz (1468 posts) -
ValkyrieGoddess said:
I hope this helps some."
  Unfortunatelynot since that button does not appear.
#6 Posted by ValkyrieGoddess (1928 posts) -

I've never had that happen. I'm guessing the logical thing would be to reinstall but that can be a pain in the ass.
I hope you can play soon. I liked playing around with the Creepy and Cute parts (mainly the creepy parts).
The creature above has quite a few of the creepy parts.

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It could be that the save file information you got off the internet didn't apply to the OS you were using, on XP it's C:\Documents and Settings\Your user name\Application Data\Spore\My Spore Creations. On Vista it's C:\Users\Your user name\AppData\Roaming\Spore. The other major problem that people seem to have when finding the folder is that the application data folder is hidden by default, so you'll need to have Windows show your hidden folders. For XP, go to "Tools", then "Folder Options...", click "View", check "Show hidden files and folder" and click "OK". For Vista click "Start, then "Control Panel, then "Appearance and Personalization", then "View", then "Advanced settings", check "Show hidden files and folders" and click "OK". You should now be able to find and backup all your save data so that you can uninstall and reinstall the game without losing any creations or progress. I hope this helped.

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Ug.. I think I might have to reinstall. Though it still would have to be on my Fdrive since my C drive is full. I guess later tonight when I have nothing better to do.

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PufferFiz said:
"Ug.. I think I might have to reinstall. Though it still would have to be on my Fdrive since my C drive is full. I guess later tonight when I have nothing better to do."
Okay, post whether the information I gave you worked or not when you try it. Good luck with this one.
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Uninstalled, Tried reinstalling, grabbed my case and lone behold the game booklet was missing ( has the cd key on it). great.....................

I'm looking through everything in my room right now. But I bet I won't find it. And I want online functionality(well I guess I would not be missing out on much) so I can't just get a key-gen......... This is bullshit, Buying all my stuff on Steam now.

#11 Posted by PufferFiz (1468 posts) -

Waas able to find a key online so I got spore reinstalled and I went to go install the C&C pack and it says that there is no Spore installed on my computer.

What the hell it worked before when it was saved in my F drive. why does it not work now?

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