Only thing I'm not understanding.

#1 Posted by Blackoutt21 (28 posts) -

I'm wondering if when I do the missions in game, do i have to select them from the sporepedia like we see in the video, or can i just find some random planet that a player made a mission on, and then just play.

#2 Posted by Munchlax (34 posts) -

Since that the game's not out, we can only guarantee that you can go to the SporePedia and pick a mission.

However, you know how you can do missions with empires in the original game? Then perhaps sometimes, they'll ask you to beam down to the planet and do a mission there. Perhaps a gas giant would turn into a custom made planet, and there are user-made missions for this planet.

#3 Posted by Gigaman (71 posts) -

From what I've played, only Maxis missions are available directly from the Space Stage (sucks big time), but you can choose any mission you want directly from the Sporepedia in Quick Play mode.

#4 Posted by Munchlax (34 posts) -

Actually, any mission in your SporePedia can be a mission in the space stage. You have to start with a Maxis mission, and may get a few after, but once you have heaps of missions (that do not set the captain), then you'll have other missions. For example, I have a Leap of Faith mission, and I have played it in the space stage.

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