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Spore Spawn
Spore Spawn

Spore Spawn is a mutated clam-like plant creature that appears as a mini-boss in Super Metroid. The Space Pirates genetically engineered Spore Spawn as a deadly guardian. Samus Aran faces Spore Spawn in Brinstar, where it is guarding the games first set of Super Missiles.

Spore Spawn's main body is linked to a vine that is attached to the top of the screen, and it swings itself around in a figure eight pattern in order to ram Samus. Spores also drop from the ceiling that will damage Samus, but they can be shot for health and missile pickups. Both of these can be easily avoided by hiding in Morph Ball mode in one of the corners of the screen. Once Spore Spawn stops spinning, its main body will open, revealing its core. Firing Charge Beam shots or missiles at the core will damage Spore Spawn. Once it has taken enough damage, Spore Spawn will change color and spin twice as fast, its core only remaining open for a short time. More missiles and Charge Beam shots will spell the end for Spore Spawn, who fossilizes, allowing Samus to use it as a platform to reach the room above.

Puddle Spore from Metroid Prime
Puddle Spore from Metroid Prime

It is possible to skip the Spore Spawn boss battle by use of the mockball glitch which allows the player to obtain Super Missiles earlier in the games progression. As the boss fight can be lengthy, many speed runners choose to use this glitch to avoid facing Spore Spawn entirely.

It is likely that Spore Spawn was mutated from a species of Puddle Spore, found in Metroid Prime in Magmoor Caverns, as they are almost identical in appearance and the way they are defeated.

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