Are creatures platform specific?

#1 Posted by lilarchie232 (746 posts) -

i know this seems like a dumb question, but if I had the Mac version, would i still be able to interact with the creatures that were created on PC's or is it platform specific?

#2 Posted by Zuul (332 posts) -

I have no idea, and I have never thought about it... It makes sense to me that you would be able to share creatures no matter if you were on a MAC or a PC (but I may be wrong.)

#3 Posted by VoidPresence (64 posts) -

i'm about 98% sure that they're not platform specific; they're all just PNG files and the fact that both PC and Mac versions are on the disc, and presumably use those same Maxis-authored creatures implies that those files are platform independent.

also, if they were NOT, we would see different sections on the web-based sporepedia for each platform, but there's no such segregation.

#4 Posted by lilarchie232 (746 posts) -

Cool thanks

#5 Posted by Otacon (2252 posts) -

It most definatly isn't, been running it on my Macbook Pro and have been able to connect to PC users without a problem, same software, same servers, just configured for the different OS's.

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