Awesome Level Design

#1 Posted by breton (1437 posts) -
So, within two hours of playing I end up stuck in a hole, forcing me to wait ten minutes as I slowly starve to death. You've got it down, Maxis!
#2 Posted by Endogene (4741 posts) -

hahahhaa, well that are the risks of being alive

#3 Posted by Dalai (7070 posts) -

It could be worse... it could be more like real life and you'd be waiting days or weeks dying a slow, painful death.

#4 Posted by Vlademir (1029 posts) -

That happened to me once. I walked up a hill and slowly fell down the side and couldn't move and then when I got to the bottom I realized I couldn't get out of this ditch. Luckily there was ONE creature near the ditch and I managed to use "charge" to charge at the creature and get out.

#5 Posted by Aska (430 posts) -

Stay away from pits.  You can stuck in real life too.

#6 Posted by Otacon (2209 posts) -

I've actually managed to get out every time, I wouldn't beat them up about it.

#7 Posted by SSbabel (1141 posts) -

Thats so funny, what do you expects shit happens and animals die thats life.

#8 Posted by Xymox (2115 posts) -

Well, on the bright side, Darwin would be proud. :P
In an environment with lots of pits, a creature without wings or jumping ability will be very penalized. XD

#9 Posted by dsplayer1010 (2227 posts) -


#10 Posted by IncredibleBulk92 (936 posts) -

In a strange way I suppose that's exactly what Spore was supposed to be, evolution, survival of the fittest/smartest/least likely to fall in a hole.  Darwin would be proud.

#11 Edited by NinjaSquirrel (236 posts) -

glitches like that are just plain unnacceptable, I agree.

#12 Posted by IncredibleBulk92 (936 posts) -

Um yea I do agree that it's a stupid glitch that shouldn't be in the game at all, but it was kinda amusing to think about it from an evolutionary perspective lol

#13 Posted by StaticFalconar (4850 posts) -
SSbabel said:
"Thats so funny, what do you expects shit happens and animals die thats life."
Yeah, too bad the rest of the game doesn't work like actual evolution.

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