How many way can EA think of to make money off of spore?

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Seeing as how it looks like they're going to exploit this game to the extreme, it's ridiculous how many ways they're trying to get cash from us. The game and its multi-system versions, micro-transactions, expansions, merchandise - is EA going crazy over something we don't even know if it's fun yet? The Sims was a sleeper hit and then they went hog-wild. This time, EA wants all your money up front. good grief, Greedy bastards.

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Answer: a lot.

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9 expansions, 12 Spore stuff packs, a monthly fee to play online, dozens of microtransactions, and a Spore clothing line.

Yeah... I'll probably buy everything, too.

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Personally, i'd be pretty happy paying for part packs (additional limbs, building parts and that jazz) or packs that add functionality like propper wings for airborne creatures and seacreature building set for real permanent seaborn creatures.

But i dont like the idea that the Aquatic phase most possibly has been moved to an expansion. Noir that the Tribal hut doesn't have an editor either at this point. Though i can get that certain parts there just cant be freely edited that much because of creature interaction. (creatures still have to fit in the herding pen, spears should be in a rack and drums would be the same story)

@ Dalai: Don't hope you're right on the monthy fee thing... i'd never do that.. and because that would be really dirty to lay that on afterwards.

Ah well... i'll propably end up buying all the expansions if i like the game enough. It sure has more potential for infinite gameplay then any other game out there or comming anytime soon in my eyes. But yeah, EA is greedy... and treating us like shit -.- (but really.. howlong is a spore clothing line going to last)

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About Will Wright's IQ * the number of suckers willing to pay for all of it * the number of spore expansions made.

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How about just giving the user 3 installs... once those run out the user will need to contact EA for more. Which as we all know by now is virtually impossible since customer support at EA isn't excactly usefull let alone propperly reachable.

So people will propably have to buy a new licence just to keep their existing spore running or buy a whole new box.

Yep... EA loves SecuRom... apparently more then it's paying customers.

There's already some people who had this problem with the spore creature creator.. who are, to the time of this post, still waiting for a usable answer that will allow them to fire up their Creature Creature again.

Seriously people, if you plan to buy this game i urge you to first read up on the problems with it's SecuRom DRM.
I don't mean to stop you from buying it, i just want everyone to know what they're getting into. EA and Maxis sure as hell arn't answering specific questions about this for a reason.
[like the 3 activation limitation, they just WONT clarify it, noir make it common knowledge.]

I ran into that wall when i bought mass effect. Thinking it didn't have draconian shit like that on it anymore eversince they decided to exclude the 10-day reactivation thing. Boy was i wrong. The 10 day thing by the way not applying to Spore either but lets be honest. Any game with that protection just isn't going to sell. No one is going to change their daily lives just to keep a game activated. What the hell were they thinking. But ok, the problem at hand here is the 3 install limit. (on one pc. i'm not talking about multiple pc installs.)

And finally, keep in mind that SecuRom doesn't work as advertised. Small changes like driver updates and plugging in things like webcams and wacoms are enough to upset it into removing one activation for you. Consider that and try to calculate how fast you're going to be calling EA.... yeah, i didn't think so either.

Anyhow, for those that don't buy spore and hope for the best with this whole DRM problem... let's hope they'll listen (make noise, let them know you don't agree and tell others who plan toget spore! it's only fair to tell them what EA isn't telling them)
To those who do buy it... goodluck and have fun. I really hope for you people that your activations dont run out like candy in kindergarten.

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I wish they'd stop spending time trying to make money out of the PC version before its even released, and get to work on the console versions we've all been promised. EDIT: or have they given up on those already? I remember seeing a quote ages ago saying they plan on releasing it on every platform imaginable after the PC version is out, but nothing else has been heard since

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  How many ways can EA make money off Spore?
 How long is a piece of string?

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Oh, for Christ sakes. Nowadays EA isn't as bad. They're a business trying to make money and if it works for them (Remember, you're not forced to buy it), why wouldn't they?

The shock value of them charging for something is so down the drain it's not even funny. No one really cares, and if you do, show your protest by, you know, not buying it.

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Not that bad? dude, i bought Mass Effect without the most remote knowledge about this horrible DRM. And i'm not for having to research the internet before i buy a game. It sould say on the BOX that it cannot be installed more then 3 times. Thats like selling a car with a bomb in it. When it explodes and the customer comes to explain, you'd say Hey, it was part of the agreement that you never saw. Seriously, apply this model to any other business also involved with piracy through copying and you'll know that it just doesnt work.
or would you buy a movie that only ran 3 times for the full price... make that how would you feel if you bought a movie and found out you can only play it 3 times after just watching the 3rd time.

I understand that they want to protect their money, and with the kicking their own customers aside... shoulnd't they clearly list what trouble you're getting in when you see a game in the store and decide to buy it? I mean it's already too late if you have the install license agreement infront of you, it's unpacked and will be hard to get a refund for. That alone resembles what they'd call a scam in any other industry branch. Even better, with big software developers like Adobe and Autodesk those kind of software restrictions are called TRAIL. use for x times/days and then buy the full product. (trail having full functionality) In this light Spore is a glorified Trail that you obtain for full price and actually have to keep on buying to use.

They'd be improving if they'd only added what they were doing on some sort of form that people need to give you before a purchase (so you don't loose your money b4 u get knee deep.)
For all i care they put a small book with it concering their security, what it does, what the known problems are with it, just like you would with a normal game's tech support.
If people choose not to read it, thats up to them, and when they run into the problem EA can just say, you had the document. Wouldn't that be easier for everyone? I'd surely have saved me a few hundred euro's worth of games that i later found out to have this 3 install limit on them. I don't have any desire to have games like that. And the fact that i'm not being informed propperly by the people making it is a sad state of affairs. It's like buying WoW and finding out that without monthly subscription, you're not going to be playing past the X hours you got from your disc.

But ur right about voting with your wallet Cube, thats exactly what im doin... just don't want to stop there though. This DRM crap is only going to escalate into worse things. EA surely doesn't care about what it does to it's customers. And since i love spore i feel every right to push it in EA's face that this pisses me off. Just like other people are doing on their forums among other places.

And ykno... How do you effectively boycot something if half the consumers arn't even aware of the problem.
Answer: impossible, but the least i can do is TRY to get it through their hyped heads that something sinister is lurking underneath this awesome game.

here's some links for people that want to read up on it some more:

Spore + SecuROM = Death
EA to PC Gamers: “Install 3 times? Buy another copy”
PC game developer has radical message: ignore the pirates
EA Allows 3 "Activations" Of Mass Effect And That's It? Period? (applies to Spore aswell, and according to an email EA sent me back ALL their games have 3 install limits)
EA Grabs Your ‘Spore Creature Creator’ IP (not so severe but it does add to the unfriendlyness EA radiates over this game towards it's audience)

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The best way EA's DRM could work is this: they only allow it to be installed on 3 machines AT ONE TIME...
if it gets installed on a 4th machine, the first one won't run... if it gets installed on a 5th, the second one will stop working...
it's a perfect way to stop piracy, and keep your paying gamers happy...

unfortunately, it's not going to happen that way...

and, are they REALLY going to make us pay for the online in Spore?! wtf?!

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Cube said:
"Oh, for Christ sakes. Nowadays EA isn't as bad. They're a business trying to make money and if it works for them (Remember, you're not forced to buy it), why wouldn't they?

The shock value of them charging for something is so down the drain it's not even funny. No one really cares, and if you do, show your protest by, you know, not buying it."
Completely agree.

Never understood the hatred towards EA, they are just as bad/good as most companies.
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Yeah, I'm definitely going to have to hop aboard the Jolly Roger if EA puts the really tight DRM on Spore.

It's a vicious, ironic cycle.

EDIT: I'm not sure they'll risk that on a flagship product though.

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They're going to make spore lunch boxes.

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"multi-system versions, micro-transactions, expansions, merchandise"

Please, tell me a developer who isn't doing this.  The full game is only available for Mac and PC. Which is a lot less than a lot of games.

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This isn't really helping because it gets cracked ANYWAYS. It's nothing but a hassle for the honest users.

I don't get why companies think this is going to solve the piracy problem, it's not.

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xruntime said:
"This isn't really helping because it gets cracked ANYWAYS. It's nothing but a hassle for the honest users.

I don't get why companies think this is going to solve the piracy problem, it's not."
Honestly, I'm pretty sure that EA (or most any company that uses these measures for that matter) is fully aware that these sorts of programs aren't going to make much of an impact on piracy. The simple truth is that it probably really isn't meant to. It's meant to make investors (who likely know next to nothing about what's really going on with piracy and the ineffective counter-measures) feel better about buying EA stock and investing in the company (which is a very real and necessary concern for ANY company making ANY product). EA can show up at a meeting for investors, boast about their new tough-as-nails anti-piracy measures, assuage the investors' concerns (because, frankly, who wants to invest money if they're worried that its going to be lost to pirating), and walk out with a steady supply of money to fund more games knowing that everything they just said was nothing but hot air. Unfortunately, we as the customers don't really factor much into this entire equation unless the anti-piracy measures they use are enough to make people stop buying. It really is a bit of a catch 22 for us (who want the games but not the anti-piracy software) AND EA (who want to keep their customers satisfied but also need their investor to feel secure).
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This DRM thing makes me doubt buying it. honestly even if it was given to me as a gift, free of charge I think I would still pirate, I simply do not want to have the hassle of a 3 time activation only install.

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