Just got to creature stage

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You have your start area right, the House sign on your map.

All my creatures/babies just stand there.

Are they supposed to follow me?

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No, they're not supposed to follow you. When your brain grows you can get 1 to follow you, and when it grows again you can get another to follow you etc. Or you can get your allies to follow you, whichever you want.

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I got an ally to follow me before.

I go up to the ones with the :) smiley face. Sometimes i can get these ones to follow me, sometimes the sing incon doesnt become pressable. should i be able to press it?

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Seems like you're having trouble. The whole point of Creature Stage is to make your allies or enemies. You can either kill off the other species or make them for friends. Once your brain gets bigger you can starting bringing allies with you. There will be a bar to the right. You can't do it at the start of the stage. Each time you kill off or befriend a species you're brain will grow allowing you to bring more allies with you.

Hope that helps.

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