OK, this blows.

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I buy this game off Amazon, since it was cheaper there than anywhere else. Only $13. So yeah, I buy it,  download it, and well what do ya know, technical difficulties occur halfway through the download process. I was three hours into the download and only had 1.6 gigs out of 3.8! Amazon download speeds suck @ss. Well now when I try to restart, it says it's unable to. And when I first purchased this game, Amazon only gave me two hours to download the client.... so am I screwed?! I have the activation code, but I can't get my game. This is BS. I'm not dowloading from Amazon again. Steam all the way.
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its spore you are not missing anything. aside from your bandwidth maybe.

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I played Spore for an hour, and then took a shit while I read USA today.  That's how interesting Spore was. 
One of the most forgettable games this generation, despite the promise and hype.

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contact amazon...

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@taco484 said:
" contact amazon... "
This. Why was your #1 solution to post it here? Call an Amazon support person.
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Ugh I'm too lazy. 13 bucks is not enough for me to rage about... so my loss I guessss........ :(
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You know Steam was selling it for less than 10 bucks during some sale right?

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Well, it is twice as much on Steam. I didn't even know you could download games straight off Amazon.

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First off, I didn't know Amazon allows downloads. Second, wouldn't they send you a boxed copy?

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So you're complaining about this, but you're too lazy to actually contact Amazon?   

#11 Posted by TheJollyRajah (1606 posts) -

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Amazon has one of the best CS support out there... Hell I'm pretty sure they'll also give you some credit for your troubles.

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@Enigma777:  Agreed, it's worth a try just so you can potentially get something better out of all this than Spore. Spore is kinda fucked... 
EDIT: My 300th post was about Spore... LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO, OP >:(
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Why would there be a 2 hour limit for a nearly 4 GB game? Idiotic.

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