resolution support?

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ffs EA, how fucking hard is it to put some resolution support in your games, the max i can run this is 1024 * 768? on my sony bravia.

This is the second time youve gimped a game for me, command and conquer tiberium wars had this problem and looked like absolute shit. Subsequentially i didnt play it for more than a week. I havent had this problem with any other pc games less than 5 years old.

I mean, im all for supporting the casual gamer with lower resolutions etc but fuck.

Anyone else had this problem? I know im in the minority running my comp on an lcd television, but EA is a big company, this is a big release, I dont expect this shit.

#2 Posted by Rowr (5862 posts) -

yeh i did that.

i actually got it to run in 1280 by whatever eventually.

But I have to change the resolution of my desktop first, which seems pretty ridiculous.

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Is a little screwed up really. just got to tinker about with settings.

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