Spore difficulty?

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#1 Posted by Vlademir (1083 posts) -

What difficulty setting did you guys play Spore on?

I would normally chose medium but I've heard that the game is really easy. I have also heard that once you get to the space stage, you are constantly getting bombarded with attacks.

Which difficulty would let me play the game without making it a cakewalk but still let me explore without always watching my back?

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#2 Posted by Gunner612 (4390 posts) -

even on easy you will get bombarded with attacks in the space stage. If you want to avoid that, make as many friends as possible.

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I played on normal. but I've heard its best played on hard. You also might want to edit the files so you can reduce the attack rates.

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#5 Posted by KindGalaxy (462 posts) -

Easy, but I play every game on Easy, I don't have time to challenge myself anymore, the only game I did play on other difficulties was Mass Effect and Gears of War (Co-Op) for achievements.

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#6 Posted by SSbabel (1216 posts) -

I've been playing medium, good for the first 4 stages but a bitch when it comes to the galactic stage.

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#7 Posted by Otacon (2282 posts) -

Normal for me, Will ramp up to hard for my next few games probably.

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#8 Posted by Scigrex14 (101 posts) -

I played it on hard, and the attacks on your homeworld and colonies aren't that much of a problem.  Just make friends with everyone around you and it will make your life a lot easier.

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#9 Posted by Kaido (262 posts) -

I'm on the creature stage at medium and yet I'm still struggling.

Maybe I'm just rusty =/

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#10 Posted by RagingLion (1395 posts) -

I'm dying constantly at the tribal stage on hard and other stages were toughish as well just with little penalty for dying.  Wondering if I can change the difficulty setting mid-game ... anyone know?

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#11 Posted by sionweeks (714 posts) -

Hard. Make friends with everyone and you won't get owned in the Space Stage.

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