Spore Manual Misprint = sadface ?

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Link here -  http://consumerist.com/5048556/want-more-than-one-account-on-your-spore-game-buy-another-copy-sucker

On page 52 it says "You may have multiple Spore accounts for each installation of the game." but EA says nope thats a misprint, "That section in the manual was a misprint and will be corrected in future printings of the manual. There is one Spore registration/account per game/serial code so you are correct in that you cannot make multiple accounts at this time." To some that kind of sucks, suck for the people that have more than one person who would like to play the game and make stuff. Is it really a big issue tho, how many people are bummed out about that you cant have more than 1 Spore account.

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I guess its not that big of an issue heh, I wouldn't mind letting my family play but i dont want to take credit for what they make, it would be nice to let them have there own account and so on but yeah . . .

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Well I have a crap name but nevermind. The big(ger) issue is that no one else in my family can have a save and their own account, but is it really too hard to let them log in on mine?

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So each new account will cost users around $50? Lame! >=(

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If it weren't to say that in the manual, no one would care. One account per box is always expected. At one point they obviously intended to allow multiple accounts, which would have been a nice feature, but.. Y'know.. *shrug*

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Does the manual or terms of use for Spore also contain a blurb that EA is not responsible for misprints, and that the Terms are subject to change at any time without prior notice?  I mean...it's EA, I'm sure that is in there somewhere.

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This is quite annoying.

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When I saw this thread, I thought it meant there was a " :( " in the manual.

That does suck, though. I don't have Spore personally, but I can imagine it's the kind of game where everyone in the family will want to have their own account. There's no way I'd want to run the risk of my younger sister wrecking my galaxy.

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Man, that really sucks. Now EA are just heading into abusal of DRM territory.


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