Stuck on Creature stage,need help.

#1 Posted by TomA (2531 posts) -

Hey all,i'm stuck on the creature stage in Spore.I just don't have enough parts to get the stats to kill stuff,and most times i try to make friends,the little friend meter thing only goes up about 1 or 2 bars.Can you guys give me some tips please and thanks?

#2 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (6388 posts) -

Are you an herbivore or a carnivore?  Regardless, try looking around the camps of foreign creatures for bones.  Clicking on these will give you parts you can use.  Also, when you make friends (and you might already know this) try to emulate what the other creature is doing.  So if he dances, you dance.  Mix and match your parts initially to get the most emotion movements out of your creature.


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