Wasn't the Galactic Edition supposed to include a NG documentary

#1 Posted by ouvintes (61 posts) -

I just got the brazilian Galactic Edition of Spore and there's no National Geographic documentary to be found anywhere inside it. Has anyone else had this problem ? Is this en exclusive for foreign countries ?
I saw it in every anouncement of this Edition's content...my copy only includes one DVD and it seems to only have the "Making Of Spore" doc (by the way, MUST people use so much make-up when recording interviews for a doc ?? I don't get it, looks ridiculous)

#2 Posted by Otacon (2209 posts) -

I got it in a plastic sleeve knocking around in the box. Maybe because I'm in Europe not sure about regional differences.

#3 Posted by Aska (430 posts) -

Mine came with it, in a skinny-yet same design as the other things little sleeve.  I'm in the US.

#4 Posted by Metal_Mills (3046 posts) -

It wasn't included in the Australian version. I guess we weren't the only one. Pretty lame to be honest.

#5 Posted by ouvintes (61 posts) -

yes...lame to say the least

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