WHich part are you going crazy for?

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For me its the space stage. I'm having a major sporegasm.. not just the game but the editor too!!

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yea flying around to different planets and conquering species is where most of my anticipation lies.

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I'm also interested in the space stage, but I'm hoping to become friends with the other planets.

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I think I'll like all the editors the most. I just like creating absurd things. I cant wait to get my hands on the vehicle editor. All the gameplay stuff still looks cool though.

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i am tremendously anxious to create a spaceship that looks like a cat

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Spacephase + all editors =]

Can't wait to wage interstellar war and conduct insane experiments with planets and solar systems xD (hope you can knock planets out of their orbit)
And i definatly want to recreate "The Maid" (spaceship) from spaceballs. that'd be epic.


Cancled my preorder. I'm not going to bend over to the 3 activation limit enforced by SecuRom in spore, that triggers after simple stuff like updating drivers. Or having to remember whenever you plug in ANY new hardware to uninstall spore first... let alone hardware failure of any kind. Well sorry bullies, but i have a wacom that i connect whenever i use it and disconnect when i dont. And if drivers trigger SecuRom, that most certainly is.
Aside from that i dont like that it's leaving stuff after i uninstall spore. SecuRom is Spyware/Malware. Even though they deny it, it's used to monitor your activity. It bypasses your antivirus and firewalls... and can't be removed in any conventional manner. Let alone what experienced hackers can propably do once they figure out you have that backdoor installed. And well.. if a hacker did a similar thing they'd be in jail or facing serious fines. Lets not allow EA to get away with a crime like that.
i mean, piracy is bad. I love pc gaming and it's going down the shitter. But this worse then piracy. How can you 'bite the hand that feeds' to quote whoever said it first. it's downright bad business and utterly retharded. Besides, pirates are most likely going to end up with a Spore minus highly intrusive and limiting DRM.

I don;t know. I don't trust EA and i hate SecuRom. They're the bane of PC gaming if you ask me. If you run out you'll need to 'Contact EA customer service' Like that's even possible.
Just look at these 2 examples of people having trouble with the creature creator 3 install limit already here and here.
Not only that but the developers are said to frequent that forum to answer people's questions and adress concerns. The distinct lack of any offical involvement on that thread allong with EA's Customer Service's quality make Spore a minefield to even keep running.

I know, it severely sucks that the game this has to happen to is Spore. It's been a highly anticipated title for a shitload of us. Maxis really did an awesome job, but EA crapping over it with it's DRM just goes too far for me to agree with. If i knew mass effect had this same bullshit i would NEVER have bought it. I have asked EA for clarification but hey, i don't expect an email back within my lifespan.

By creating allot of noise across any thread, youtube video or wherever i know unaware potential buyers might be i hope to get some awareness going on. Multiple people emailed all major game sites in hope for their coverage on this. I don't like scams and not telling you what you're getting into before buying something with such a cruel and sadistic protection is a downright crime if you ask me. In this country i can't imagen it's even legal. Let alone what SecuRom does.

Seriously hope they change this rediculous policy, because if not, i'm going to miss a game that i've been anxiously waiting for and have been following for a long time. To be honest this is the most interresting game, in my eyes, that is comming out this year and possibly in my history of playing games. Bleh.

I just hope enough people will become aware of this and spread it on before Spore's lauch.
Also, it smells suspiciously much like a pretext for pay-per-install. A good idea on it's own untill you find out they're charging the same price as you paid when games could still be installed asmuch as you, the user that bought the software, wants. Said simply, you dont want to loose the limited ownership you already have now do you? I for one wont let EA dictate when or howmuch i install my games. So if they arn't going to help me with my already existing mass effect problem ill download whatever crack i need to keep my legal copy running untill i decide i don't like the game anymore.

Sorry for the long rant.
if anyone knows more about this issue, please take the time to add it.
I'm sure that i'm not the only one that wants to learn more about this.
and keep in mind, we propably all dislike seeing EA ruining Maxis' game. (cause i refuse to believe that Will Wright would agree to these policies if it wasn't for pressure from the top shelf suit-junkies)


Someone put up a Petition. Now i personally don't think EA's not going to listen to it, but it would be stupid of me not to support it anyway because who knows. Everything has it's first time. [do keep it civil with the comments so this can still be presented to someone official might it come that far.]

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I found this rather disturbing link. Not sure to what extent i can believe this... but cleared my sporepedia just to be sure x_X

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I'll sign it mate but petitions usually have no impact whatsoever

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Thanx for your support TheToecutter. I know they usually dont have any impact, the biggest problem this one faces is propably getting enough people to even remotely sound like a serious issue to EA/Maxis, but hey, it's better then doing nothing =]

A few people including myself are putting up emails to major game sites, including this bomb, hoping for somekind of coverage to put atleast a fraction of pressure on EA for getting flak from the reporters in the industry about their evil scemes. Don't know what to expect from it, but if it pays off even a little chances that more people get curious are way bigger than a group of people on a forum trying to make a stand can ever reach.

All i honestly want out of this is being able to install it whenever i want. Not get some glorified Trail with reoccuring payment for either calling (here: 0,45 euro/min) or buying a new game (which sadly is propably the least expensive option of the 2 over here: Around one hour is enough to top the game price, and they want ALLOT of info)

Links for nay-sayers:

Spore + SecuROM = Death
EA to PC Gamers: “Install 3 times? Buy another copy”
PC game developer has radical message: ignore the pirates
EA Allows 3 "Activations" Of Mass Effect And That's It? Period? (applies to Spore aswell, and according to an email EA sent me back ALL their games have 3 install limits)
EA Grabs Your ‘Spore Creature Creator’ IP (not so severe but it does add to the unfriendlyness EA radiates over this game towards it's audience)

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All parts!

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All parts!

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Its a toss-up between Galactic and creature stage.

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