Will it be delayed?

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It won't be delayed any more than it has been already.

..I hope

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Seeing how many videos have come out and that they're already selling one of the most important parts of the game (the creature creator) as a stand-alone, I'm thinking they wont need to. 

But I've been wrong before

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Perhaps the actual game will not be delayed but probably some of the extra features will be.

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lol, Sedarati, can you do nothing other than make topics? :P

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I dont think it will be delayed, well i hope not.

#7 Posted by SmAsH (234 posts) -

No, the release date has been official for sometime now, and it is almost August, so I highly doubt it.

#8 Posted by RagingLion (1365 posts) -

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it'll be on time, especially with them progressively releasing videos for each different stage of the game.  Looks like they're building up hype up until the release of the game.  (Man, I can remember waiting expectantly for this to come out two summers ago now!)

#9 Posted by Atlas (2454 posts) -

No way. Why would they bring out the Creature Creator and then delay it. They want it out as soon as possible while people are still interested. Also the date's been official for a while.

#10 Posted by Charles (90 posts) -

I don't think it will be delayed anymore.

#11 Posted by GumbieuK (120 posts) -

Nope the release date has been confirmed, it won't be delayed.

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Probably not. Simply because they released the Creature Creator.

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Well lets hope not, been waiting too damn long i tell ya.

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I hope it won't be.

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i doubt it will be. hte game looks pretty much finished. anything they want to add they can do with expansion packs i guess.

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It have gone to the point where some people just don't care.

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No, it won't be delayed, and it hasn't been delayed before. Will Wright/Maxis/EA never actually gave a release date before the September one.

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The chances of this tittle being delay are getting slimmer. I believe EA wants it out. Besides, I'm getting tired of hearing about it and not playing. Sometimes I game gets delayed too long and I just don't care too much about getting it anymore. Hopefully I doesn't get delayed. And if it does get delay, it won't doesn't effect me.

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I can't really see it being delayed it's been in development for rather long time now but meh if it does I'm sure it's for good reason.

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i hope not

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I read an interview with a guy working on this game and he said something along the lines of:
This game could have had a good release a year ago, we've been working on perfecting it in that year.

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well its been a while since anybody's followed up on this thread, but EA has announced that it's gone gold (aka, its on its way to mass production), so no more delays, on target for September 7

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No one's followed up to the thread because it's old and another topic was created saying it was gold...

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Axersia said:
"lol, Sedarati, can you do nothing other than make topics? :P "
That Dave or whatever his name is guy has the same "Must make topics, not reply" complex.

And my answer is no.

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