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Almost, but not quite

 The most important rule in spore is - "Create an awesome character" , or you won't enjoy the game.
I and my friend had created an awesome dragon, and we loved it so much there was no doubt we'd enjoy the game.

The game is fine in the cell stage, cause you know you are just starting the game. A little bit of patience will lead you to the creature stage, which is great. It's like a third person action game, especially if your creature's a carnivore. I had great fun flying around with my gang of dragons, swooping down and attacking any one in sight.

Then comes the tribal stage, which is fine, but you'd enjoy more if you'd finish it quickly. 'Cause its then that the civilization stage comes, where you can create your own awesome military, jets,  cars and the navy. Trust me, you'll enjoy this stage.

But after this the game loses pace. You enter the space stage.
This is kind of any rpg, mission-based, strategy kind of a game. You no longer have awesome fighting action, and you don't see your creature again.

Were it not for the horrible space stage, the game would have been really a complete fun experience... but the stages prior to it are worth buying the game for.. And who knows? You might like the Whole game!


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