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After 8 years is it overripe?

Way back in 2000, when we could count the hundreds of MHz of our computers had with just one hand, Will Wright had just wrapped up work on Sim City 3000 and the original Sims to begin work on Spore. How anyone can dedicate nearly a decade of their life to a single project blows this writer's mind but he's the creator of the best selling video game of all time so what Will wants, Will gets. Now that the day is here does Spore live up to the tremendous hype? Or after 8 years is it overripe?

In an eggshell, Spore takes you on a journey from the very beginnings of life as a microbe, through several stages of evolution until ultimately you have the power to destroy and craft planets from the safety of your space craft. The idea seems too much for a single game to handle and apparently it is, so the game is broken up into five very individual stages of life, each step is so separate that you can choose to begin at any stage of the game since each acts like a separate game with their own gameplay elements and goals. Because of this I'm going to make life a little easier on both you and I and break this game into smaller, easier to digest pieces.

Your life begins as a cellular lifeforms in the "Cell Stage", where you'll take the form of a microbe crashing into the sea of your chosen planet from the insides of an asteroid You'll start with a random creature with either the mouth of a Herbivore or Carnivore and have to feed on your food of choice. Once the game begins you'll find it very similar to a PC flash game/PS3 game called flOw (

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