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The sports car is the foundation of most racing games. This type of car usually features amazing acceleration and speed, good handling and poor strength. Most sports cars have two-doors, leather seats and a huge engine right behind the seats (Like a Ferrari). These cars are usually pricy or are found later in certain games like GTA IV, Forza Motorsports, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, and Grand Tourismo. In Burnout Paradise sports cars offer a lot of speed, boost and let you do amazing stunts, but offer less durability compared to other car types.

Examples of Sports Cars                                                                                               

BMW M3 V8 Engine

Ferrari Enzo

Mclaren SLR

Ford GT

Maserati GrandTourismo

Games Compared to Real Life

Game (Grand Turismo 5)

Real Life (BMW)

Can see any difference?

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