supermooseman's Spy Fox in "Dry Cereal" (PC) review

Beautiful artistic and brilliant voice acting make this a classic

The game starts by telling you that William the Kid (who is the CEO of the Nectar of the Goats - or N.O.G. for short - Corporation) is trying to eliminate cow’s milk from the earth by kidnapping all cows from the earth, including his rival Mr. Udderly (president and CEO of Amalgamated Moo Juice Incorporated). Kid plans on replacing cow’s milk with goat's milk and there is only one person, or fox, that can save the day.

You play the game as Spy Fox, controlling him with your mouse only. You must speak to people around the Greek island of Acidophilus in hope of finding a way to stop Kid's plans. Along the way you will be using special gadgets given to you by Professor Quack such as putty that copies paper or a toothbrush that really destroys metal.

The artistic style of the game is beautiful and is drawn in a really unique way, which complements the brilliant game play. Due to the cartoony way the game is drawn the graphics do not look dated at all (bar the fact if you have a high resolution monitor it'll be stretched out) and you wouldn't be able to guess this was made way back in 1997.

The voice acting is superb, especially Spy Fox. When Mr. Udderly is telling the story of his capture you will be laughing your head off as he talks about how he fights off his kidnappers or when you beat smug Mr. BigPig in a game of Go Fish.

As mentioned just then, there are a number of side games. Go Fish is the best one as you play against Mr. BigPig who starts sweating and panicking when you have more sets than him. There is also a small easel with paper on which you can use to draw on. Finally there is Happy Fun Sub which can be accessed from Spy Fox's watch. In this game you control the Spycraft, collecting things like satellites, buoys, and submersibles.

Spy Fox in Dry Cereals also has alternative routes to play the game, meaning you'd have to play the game at least three times through to cover all the different changes in the storyline and the different weapons you use - this is a genius feature and it'll really make you want to go back and play again.

Humongous Entertainment really didn't get enough credit for this game as they perhaps should have. Although meant to be a kid’s game, older gamers really could get some sneaky enjoyment out of this brilliant gaming experience.
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