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The joint venture was announced on april 27 1998. The company was based in Costa Mesa, California. And was supervised by the Square CEO and president Jun Iwasaki. Square EA was responsible for marketing and publishing all games produced by Square in North America. At the same time Electronic Arts Square set up at the same time was responsible for publishing and marketing games created by Electronic Arts in Asia. As part of the deal Electronic Arts owned 30% of Square EA and Square owned 30% of EA Square.

Square EA proved to be very successful and in it's five year existence released more Square titles in the American market then before. EA Square on the other hand failed to make a dent in the Asian market. Which had been known as hard for American developers to break into.

After the merger between Square and competitor Enix, creating Square Enix. Square purchased back EA's stake in Square Ea. And folded it back in to Squaresoft, It's North American subsidiary, which is now called Square Enix Inc. And continues to publish titles in North America.

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