Are any of the Square Enix games any good?

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In case you didnt know steam has a sale on Square Enix games this weekend. I was just wondering if any of them are good. I already own Deus Ex: Human Reveuleution and Just Cause 2. I was wondering about the Tomb Raider stuff. Particularly how it plays.

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Never played the Tom Raider games but I really liked Thief.

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Thief is good if you are looking for a stealth game experience. For the tomb raider stuff you would be crazy not to pick up gaurdian of light for $3. Its a great game hands down. It plays like an arcade action game mixed with exploration and some puzzle solving. Its really cool for both single player and coop. As for the proper tomb raider games I would recommend anniversary. Its probably got the best puzzles, story and platforming sequences. Its also a 15 hour game with a lot of content. Legends is a bit more action focused but decent. Its a bit more linear and restricted and rather short. Underworld is the newest entry and is also good. It has the best graphics and better combat. The combat still feels somewhat dated and the story is merely ok. The levels are large and non-linear which can be an issue because its hard to figure out where to go. Honestly, all of the tomb raiders are fairly similar. I still think anniversary is the most solid game of the three but some aspects are dated(especially the visuals/sound).

But you should definately pick up gaudrian of light, its fantastic.

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Dankempster has a great blog about the recent Tomb Raider games here. Give that a read if you're really interested, as he gives an in-depth look at how they hold up and compare with each other.


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