DKΣ3713 - Square Enix Private Party 2008

#1 Posted by exfate (466 posts) -

So, DKΣ3713 is happening in a few days. Apparently there's going to be some new announcements, as well as a ton extra details on various Squenix projects.

What're you all looking forward to from this event?

Personally, I'm interested in finding out more on Sigma Harmonics. We could do with more Squenix original stuff, so I hope that eventually makes its way outside of Japan. Also, there's a rumoured Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children related announcement that goes beyond - could be something interesting there too, or it could be another shovelware Compilation of FFVII thing - here's hoping for something awesome (*cough* real sequel on ps3 *cough*)

#2 Posted by TheWeirdPeanut (22 posts) -

I'm personally looking forward for the 'big' annoucement but it should all be good

#3 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

I'm looking forward to anything KH and FFXIII at that party... and also hopefully a release date on the Advent Children bluray version.

#4 Posted by MAJID (236 posts) -
Definitely looking forward to some news coming out of this event, maybe a new Dissidia trailer?
#5 Edited by exfate (466 posts) -

I think there will be a Dissidia trailer. I think the game will be playable there (or at least live demoed / recorded gameplay footage), but we probably wont get to see much of that. :(

Also, apparently the secret FFVII AC announcement is that their is content on the Blu Ray that is especially for the PS3. I'm betting on FFVII (not a remake, just the original) on the disc playable. It has to be some kind of game though, else theres no reason for it to be PS3 only and not something for any Blu Ray player. Hmm...

Edit: Ignore that, I'm behind with the news it seems. It's an FFXIII demo on the AC Complete disc... LAME if you ask me.

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