E3 - Sqaure Enix Press Conference Discussion

#1 Edited by Luke (1609 posts) -

Sqaure Enix's E3 2009 Press Conference is supposedly starting right now. 

Anyone know if a live stream is going-on and have a link to it?  I've checked GameSpot, G4TV, and GameTrailers... there's nothing :'(

#2 Posted by Steve_C (1757 posts) -

No stream, but gamespot is doing a liveblog. Lark has said it's been delayed slightly to 11:30 PST however.

#3 Posted by Luke (1609 posts) -

I'm really hoping for a live stream... all the other conferences, including Ubisoft and EA, had one. 

If not, I really hope Konami's doesn't follow suit as well :'(

#4 Posted by Steve_C (1757 posts) -

You're in luck, it appears G4 should be covering both.

#5 Edited by JackiJinx (3092 posts) -
G4 will.

EDIT: Beaten! Ouch.
#6 Posted by Luke (1609 posts) -

LOL, I was just coming here to post that as well (except to the Justin.tv G4 link).

BUT... some guy in the chat claims to be on the show floor, right now, and it's being delayed another 15 minutes to 11:45am PST.

#7 Posted by cc23574 (665 posts) -

Awwww, no camera's allowed!

#8 Posted by Luke (1609 posts) -

Yeah, I just read that... I guess it's always been Square's thing.  They generally dislike cameras.

"Square Enix isn't allowing cameras so this will be a live blog only event." 


#9 Posted by Steve_C (1757 posts) -

Disappointing, but hopefully some good news will come out of it anyway.

#10 Posted by cc23574 (665 posts) -

Hopefully, I just hope that they wont talk the whole show about FFXIV,  I would love to hear some new announcements.

#11 Posted by FLStyle (4997 posts) -

I hope they give a few classes for FFXIV, that'll get the ball rolling for the FFXI community.

#12 Posted by JJOR64 (19097 posts) -

I'm watching the G4 Blog right now.  Can't believe the thing still hasn't started yet.

#13 Posted by cc23574 (665 posts) -

How many more minutes till it starts?

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#15 Posted by ez123 (2003 posts) -
"This is a Q&A for FFXIV, not a press conference. It was added at the last minute. FFXIV will be the only title discussed." lol

#16 Posted by cc23574 (665 posts) -
@ez123 said:
""This is a Q&A for FFXIV, not a press conference. It was added at the last minute. FFXIV will be the only title discussed." lol


#17 Posted by Luke (1609 posts) -

Whelp, that was even lamer than Ubisoft.  Gewd job Square!... u r winnar!

#18 Posted by Endogene (4742 posts) -

Nothing really interesting only that some of the parts of the trailer were actual gameplay, confirmation about simultaneous launch and that there will be a beta.

Pricing is still not certain

#19 Posted by JJOR64 (19097 posts) -

Well, this Q&A was a waste of my life.

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