Eidos Interactive Website Hacked, 350 Resumes And 25,000 Emails Plucked

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#101 Posted by KommanderCevin (243 posts) -

What do the Top Men have to say about GiantBombs security?

#102 Posted by gunhero (5 posts) -

Wonder if the hacker gained any XP from this :)

#103 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -

Damn script kiddies.

#104 Posted by Kordesh (235 posts) -
@NobodyHIFI: Well, considering anyone posting on a career website can have their resume scraped by false employer accounts, resumes are not the pinnacle of secure documents.
#105 Edited by gorkamorkaorka (446 posts) -

Chippy1337 is probably a virgin. I mean so am I, but he probably doesn't have a choice.

#106 Posted by kennybaese (683 posts) -

This just makes me thing more and more that hackers are assholes. I mean, if you want to mod stuff that you buy, whatever, but this stuff is just ridiculous and incredibly shitty. 

#107 Posted by Ben99 (1135 posts) -

never heard of this game until now .

#108 Posted by EJStyleS (32 posts) -


#109 Posted by StriderNo9 (1149 posts) -

Whatever man.

#110 Posted by SpicyRichter (555 posts) -

Maybe they just wanted the game early

And stupidly thought they could get something this way

#111 Posted by Pr1mus (3946 posts) -

Internet security is funny.

#112 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19388 posts) -
@SpicyRichter said:
Maybe they just wanted the game earlyAnd stupidly thought they could get something this way
I heavily doubt it. If one has the knowledge to hack this way, I'm pretty sure that person wouldn't be dumb enough to think he could obtain the whole game by hacking their website.
#113 Posted by Shadow (4988 posts) -

Japan seems to have pissed the internet off this month.

#114 Posted by LOZZAT (252 posts) -
@Abyssfull said:
This is getting ridiculous. Hackers are bloody everywhere and hacking everything, and there's only one sure way to rid ourselves of this fuckwit pestilence: nuke ourselves.
I second this opinion, and the subsequent maneuver. Those damn hackers! *shakes fist towards where hackers in general probably are*
#115 Posted by BaneFireLord (2957 posts) -

Fuck hackers. Seriously.

#116 Posted by Tupacalypse (131 posts) -

hey hackers, unless your modding or creating something cool without ruining the fun for others SUCK A DICK

#117 Posted by BUCK3TM4N (549 posts) -

this stuff is getting put of hand

#118 Posted by Mr_Horgen (3 posts) -

Will they use as long time as Sony to fix the troubles? 

#119 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1539 posts) -

25k mostly working emails, thats going to fetch a nice price from spammer.

And resumes should never be on a network that can be accessed from outside the company's intranet.  Thats just stupid.

#120 Posted by Mr_Spinnington (123 posts) -

dude give it a break, haxerz

#121 Posted by sublime90 (545 posts) -

no one is safe! microsoft and amazon better have there shit on lockdown or all hell will break loose

#122 Posted by JohnPaulVann (209 posts) -
@gunhero said:
Wonder if the hacker gained any XP from this :)
You think this is funny? People's lives got destroyed. For fuck's sake, have some compassion.
#123 Posted by m1k3 (1338 posts) -

all these hackers seem to make Patrick's life very easy at GB lol. There seems to always be news.

#124 Posted by Dudacles (1462 posts) -

Why the hell were there resumes on their public websites? What kind of a place is that to store personal information of that kind?

#125 Posted by Robertej92 (9 posts) -

This is all getting a bit OTT...

#126 Posted by Pibo47 (3166 posts) -

Jesus, what the hell is going on with all this hacking bullshit? These people are seriously pathetic.

#127 Posted by blaakmawf (543 posts) -

The upside to all this is increased security, I suppose.

#128 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2690 posts) -

Companies are just fucked lately aren't they. =|

#129 Posted by TatsurouXIII (652 posts) -

maybe this is a sign that it's time to redesign internet security?

#130 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8534 posts) -
@OracleXIII said:
maybe this is a sign that it's time to redesign internet security?
It would be better if companies actually adhered to internet security standards and practices which have been standard for more than a decade.  Checkpoint Firewall-1 and CISCO PIX have been standard industry firewalls since 1997 and yet Sony and Eidos both neglected to utilise either in some cases, let alone doing the simple shit like keeping webserver daemons up to date and patching against vulnerabilities.  Wow, it's like these companies don't even run their shit professionally.
#131 Posted by Undeadpool (4996 posts) -

It seems more like these companies all assume it'll happen to "someone else" and so don't bother keeping their security up-to-date.

#132 Posted by lhaymehr (203 posts) -

Would you be surprised if you knew this was done by a subset of folks that did Sony?

#133 Posted by Jost1 (2078 posts) -

Hold on to your butts

#134 Posted by Enigma_2099 (149 posts) -

This isn't Sony or PSN related, so no one will give a damn.

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