Have you lost total confidence in Square-Enix?

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Yeah I used to love Final Fantasy games, and exploring new towns n meeting new characters, unlocking and upgrading everything and playing everyone's little stories.
But now all those towns are the same, and the characters are boring hollow archetypes who talk about nothing, with seriously budget anime voice-acting. It's kinda sad.

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Well, I wouldn't buy a new game from them day 1. But the same could be said for all developers with very few exceptions. I try not to maintain total confidence in anyone I don't know.

I might buy FFXHD day one, however.

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Their games are way too predictable. I shouldn't be able to play 5 hours of a game and already know how the next 45 are going to go.

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I never really cared for FF myself but it's plainly obvious that both the heyday of Square and immediate post-merger Square-Enix has passed us by. The clout and reverence that Square-Enix and FF can pull are not even close to the levels they were in the previous two generations. As a developer they really haven't done much this generation to earn any confidence from anyone. As a publisher they are making the right moves however. Putting their legacy or any potential pride to the side to focus on titles they think will just be great games for people to buy here in the states is a great move. Batman: Akrham Asylum and Deus Ex: Human Revolution both came out of SE publishing which is great. The only issue is now this creates a really weird dual-personality where new publisher square has its finger on the pulse of the West but only as a publisher. Dev Square on the other hand is trying some weird Frankstein-monster type game design that really isn't going to be paying off for them possibly ever. I agree that a refresh however big is necessary if Square cares about the games it makes in-house.

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@Astras: I imagine an FFVII remake would have to be done from scratch at this point. Also, I agree about FFXIII's battle system. It practically played itself.

: Same here. I would prefer to keep my fond memories of FFVII intact. But if I'm being honest, I would still totally play the remake.

: That would explain a lot.

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Final Fantasy Type 0 
Kingdom Hearts: 3D 
Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy. 
I'm more excited for SE games than I've been in a long time.

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