New Square Enix Mystery Game Countdown

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Doesn't really look like Chrono... :(

#3 Posted by keyhunter (3209 posts) -

Project Sylpheed 2!!!

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@StarFoxA said:
" Doesn't really look like Chrono... :( "

It doesn't  look like anything, because it's not a teaser, it's simply a countdown.

Who knows, I just hope it's good whatever it is.

#5 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3206 posts) -

I LOVE countdowns! Not really. Why don't companies just come out of the blue with announcements and surprise people for once? That comes off as much more respectful.

#6 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7595 posts) -

Countdown sites need to go away, terrible way to build hype for a game, and the announcement is always leaked way before the countdown finishes.
Speaking of which, this one is for Lord of Vermillion.

Why do they even bother?

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Lets just hope it doesn't take hella long time for it to come out, whatever it is.

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