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The squire chooses brute force above all else. He would rather cut and maim his enemies with various pointy objects then participate in any finger wiggling that the Apprentice would do. The Squire will use pure rage to increase his own attack, defense and speed making him a very formidable foe indeed. He is the greatest warrior in all the land, of course only falling short of his father who is away so he wins by default.  


Spike Blockade

A very sturdy blockade that will harm any who touch it. Very useful for creating choke points that really emphasize the "point".

Bouncer Blockade

This is a spike blockade with some attitude, it sends enemies flying backwards when they come near. This makes it great for slowing enemy progression while funneling.

Harpoon Turret

This is the squires first and main damage tower. It shoots harpoons that go right through any enemies it comes into contact with. Great use of this tower would be to like them up with blockades and harpoon through the whole group.

Bowling Ball Turret

This is a stationary tower that shoots bowling balls which will bounce off of enemies and walls alike. Good positioning with this tower can be devastating for the enemies as you can bounce it off your own blockades and back into the monsters multiple times!

Slice and Dice Blockade

The Slice and Dice blockade takes some time to warm up but when it does the blades spin around in a full circle and cut down any enemies around them. This is the squires bread and butter, he can wreak a lot of havoc with this tower given the proper setup and choke point use. 



  • Circle Slice  ‐  Devastating  full circle attack that will cut down most enemies with ease.
  • Blood Rage   ‐ The squire fills with rage and gains increased attack, defense, and movement speed for a short while.

Weapon Skills

  • Melee Combo ‐ Uses a three hit combo with his normal attack, each consecutive attack gains more power and range than the previous.
  • Block ‐ No warrior would be complete without a way to absorb some of that damage. Block lets you stand stationary and absorb most damage that comes your way. You cannot move or attack while blocking, but it is a good way to let teammates run away or protect vital towers from damage.    

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