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Near perfect relaxation

SSX3 was the first game I played in the SSX series, and I found that I instantly got hooked in an exciting and relaxing quest to rule the mountain. 

You get to pick a character (If I remember right mine was a black dude with yellow trousers) and then you earn points which you can use to increase your characters skill in things like Speed, Turning, Tricks, Acceleration etc.
This is a racing game, not some kind of pussy 'let's mess around in the snow' game like Amped.
You can race various runs, or just do a free ride from the top of the mountain to the very bottom. (Takes over half an hour of actual playing time)
The greatest feature in SSX 3 is that you can control the whole game with just your left hand, leaving the right hand free for whatever you want. No, im not talking about masturbation you sicko, im talking about smoking a spliff, changing the music, or rubbing the leg of your barely legal Peruvian girlfriend.
As you can see... This game is certainly worth the purchase. 

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