Worth trying for an SSX fan?

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I'm a huge fan of the other SSX games (at least the first three). Is this one worth trying out? I hear there were some control problems and I think some levels and things were re-used from older games, but I wouldn't mind seeing if I can get some fun out of it. What say you, worth my time to seek out?

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I'd kinda like to know as well. 
Coonce! We need your wisdom!

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I wanna know too!
Avid fan of SSX Tricky and SSX3.
Wasn't On Tour a disaster?

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" I wanna know too!  Avid fan of SSX Tricky and SSX3. Wasn't On Tour a disaster? "
From what I hear, On Tour wasn't good. I just looked on metacritic though and it actually got some really good reviews. But yeah Tricky and 3 were a couple of my favorite games back in the day.
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I hear ya, I spend many a day on the digital peaks with Zoe. 
On Tour kinda misses that Tricky/3 vibe, feels too streamlined.
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I was always a Moby player. I remember in SSX3 how you could unlock the afro for him. I totally rocked that afro nearly my entire time with that game.  :P 
I'm really wanting to play some SSX3 now.
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Moby and Psymon were my 2 mains. Tricky was the first game I played on a Gamecube. Good times. 

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Very good times, also the music in the games rocked.
Nothing better then going down the slopes with Zoe in her bat costume (right? My mind is so foggy about this stuff) while Audiobullies or Red Hot Chili Peppers blasted out the speakers.
Oh and,

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I couldn't find a good video of it, but I loved how in SSX3 you could trigger avalanches in the backcountry. It was always awesome trying to outrun them. 
I love that this thread has turned into an SSX nostalgia thread. 

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loved SSX3 and i got this one and well this one is just terrible. it was one of my only games happy to sell. However if SSX4 is ever announced i will definatly still get it.

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@shadows_kill said:
" loved SSX3 and i got this one and well this one is just terrible. it was one of my only games happy to sell. However if SSX4 is ever announced i will definatly still get it. "
Awww. All the good will built up in this thread is now dead. 
If nothing else though, I REALLY want to go back and play some SSX3 now.
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Tricky was definitely my favorite. Missed the high jumps from Tricky in SSX3
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SSX Blur is literally a cartoony remake of SSX 3 with rearranged peaks, nerfed customization and hard-to-execute ubertricks. 
I never used more than 2 ubertricks just because they are ridiculously hard to trace with the Wii remote. 
This really knocked the series into the grave. Sold it and never looked back. Maybe if they make a proper SSX4 (On Tour doesn't count) or put SSX3 on originals, my interest will be rekindled.

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Too bad. I was hoping Blur would be at least decent.
For those who haven't tried On Tour, it really feels like a rushed version of SSX 3. You can create your own character, but there's no way to give him much personality. The tracks just don't feel as good. Skiing has been added, but it's just like using a board, only worse. The soundtrack just doesn't cut it  either (at least for my tastes). Ubertricks are harder to pull off. It's not a terrible game, but it just doesn't feel as polished as the first three.

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I've played and enjoyed the hell out of all the other SSX games, but I never did give this one a shot. 

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I'll jump off the bandwagon of people hating this game and say that I enjoyed it immensely. The biggest qualm people seemed to have was pulling off uber tricks, as they involved drawing things ranging anywhere from hearts to treble clefs; this is easily rectified by keeping the Wii remote perpendicular to the screen instead of just using the pointer tip to draw the shape. From my personal experience, I have never steered away from where I wanted to go and have never pulled off a trick I didn't intend to once I got the hang of things. That said, EA did a terrible job of explaining the uber trick system; if anything, this game is better than On Tour. In my eyes, at least.

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I know people love Tricky, but it was really just a special edition version of the first game.  SSX 3 was by far the best in the series.  In one of my lists, I even rank it as my favorite PS2 game out of the 130 or so that I own.  On Tour wasn't bad, but it couldn't match the perfection of 3. 
As for Blur, it was alright, but don't expect it to be anywhere near as memorable or good as the past games.  The control scheme is really inaccurate if you're trying to do a specific trick, but regular carving through the snow works fine.  Considering you can probably find it dirt cheap now, it's worth checking out.

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Tricky was the best, there was a song on there i recognized from Rollcage from the Ps1 (which i happened to have the special edition of)

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Gonig to bring this thread from the dead as I see not many people have really answered the OP question. I love this game to death. A lot of people don't get the ubertrick thing, but as a user above stated you need to hold the wii remotre perpendicular to the screen and create the image. After knowing this I found them so easy to pull off. Also, hold the Wii remote like you would a pencil - you're almost guaranteed to pull them off then. 
This game had seriously amazing Wii controls with all movement and jumps being on the Nunchuk. Direction was tilting the nunchuk and jumping was flipping it - it worked well. I hold the Wii Remote like a pencil, as I've said, and rest it on my lap. When I get to a high jump I just draw it out and it work great. 
But seriously for anyone wanting to check this game out before the new SSX, it's a blast if you follow my instructions!

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SSX3 was the high point of the series for me. Carving down the mountain from Peak 3 with Hybrid's "Finished Symphony" playing is one of my favorite gaming moments. Everything after SSX3 has just been a disappointment.

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I enjoyed it but it is a bit tame compared to the others.  There's fewer tricks and the slalom races can be brutal due to the control scheme (which is fine otherwise).  But it looks really good, has a great soundtrack and felt like SSX Tricky to me.  It's a video game ass game (if that makes sense).  It's fun, simple, and I enjoyed making my way through it.


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