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So close to excellence!

The one thing that you really need to know about SSX Blur is that the motion controls work well enough for you to play around and have fun, but not well enough for you to really get technical the way you can in other SSX games. Armed with that knowledge, you must now ask yourself what you want out of this game.

SSX Blur features some of the best third-party graphics ever seen on the Wii. It also has a positively bangin' soundtrack by Junkie XL. From an aesthetic standpoint everything about this game is satisfying. Ripping down the mountain using only the Wiimote to guide you, as snow flies into your face, and huge bass beats pump in the background is a great experience. If you are looking for a game to pick up every so often and spend fifteen minutes or a half hour with then I cannot recommend SSX Blur highly enough. 

Things change the moment you dive deeper into the game and its competition mode. Some elements of competition, such as racing, work fine. Others, like the half-pipe, suffer a bit from the Wiimote-centric controls. Still others, like the slalom, are positively broken. The Wiimote just cannot react fast enough to get you through the games slalom competition. It is possible to reconfigure the controls to rely more heavily on the analogue stick, but even these are spotty.

SSX Blur offers tremendous value in its freeplay mode. As I have said, the competition mode is mixed bag due to sub par control, but it is possible to muddle through. Just be prepared for some frustration along the way. 

With the advent of the Wii Motion Plus it seems that EA Montreal could now iron out a lot of the problems in SSX Blur. Let's hope a sequel gets announced supporting the new peripheral soon! 

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