Favourite SSX character?

#1 Posted by samcotts (2382 posts) -

Definitely Elise Riggs for me. I loved the fact that in SSX3 you could make here wear short shorts. Shame her legs looked like a pair of pixelated chopsticks... Not to mention she was voiced by Lucy Liu.

Moby Jones is my second fav, being English and all.

#2 Posted by CountRockula (408 posts) -

Dude, seriously.


Also, has EA just decided to abandon the SSX franchise?  I really want an SSX 4.

#3 Posted by Lingxor (452 posts) -

Elise and that Latina one... with the big boobs.

#4 Posted by gunswordfist (583 posts) -

EASILY JP! No one messes with the French.

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