4 Zoe SSX Codes for Trade - 360

#1 Posted by DauntlessFinch (67 posts) -

Hey, I'm looking to trade codes for Zoe's DLC for other preorder DLC, would love Mac Board, and especially a code for Eddie. Send me a PM or reply if interested! Thanks :D

#2 Posted by BPRJCTX (749 posts) -

Huh, i can't give you my code for eddie or Mt.Fuji, but i will be your best friend, if you give me one of those...


#3 Posted by BigChickenDinner (787 posts) -

4 codes? Did you just happen across them, buy four games,or have you ROBBED?

#4 Posted by BPRJCTX (749 posts) -

@BigChickenDinner: I'm gonna go ahead and say that, he probably works at a game store, and grabbed some from what was left...

What store had the Zoe Codes?

Hey, but i don't care how you got 'hem, fuck the system, i'm your pal!!!

#5 Edited by WilltheMagicAsian (1547 posts) -

Eddie codes are like $15 on eBay. I think I'm just gonna wait for him to be released as DLC for like $5. Once you hit level 10 those DLC boards are pretty much useless, unless you're going to be playing on a global event that has a level restriction.

#6 Posted by DauntlessFinch (67 posts) -

I work at Future Shop, which is Canadian Best Buy. We got 5 copies of SSX, and ten copies of the codes, so manager just gave me them since I picked it up.

#7 Posted by BPRJCTX (749 posts) -

@DauntlessFinch: Cool man, send me one, and i promise i'll never beat your scores. ;)

#8 Posted by SSX1337 (2 posts) -

@DauntlessFinch: ya i have a eddie code i can give u or i caould give u like $15 for it through paypal i would love a zoe code

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