Are all the costumes....

#1 Posted by ShalashaskaUK666 (750 posts) -

just palette swaps? Different coloured versions of the same stuff?


#2 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5094 posts) -

Yes, although some add glowing bits, big hands, and a big head.

#3 Posted by Scinbed (11 posts) -

I saw one that gives you extra rewinds.

#4 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5094 posts) -

@Scinbed said:

I saw one that gives you extra rewinds.

Oh yeah. Some costumes also give stat boosts.

#5 Posted by BPRJCTX (749 posts) -

Color swaps?


(Only had to read the title to know what you were talkin' about)

I wish there was character costumization like in SSX3.

#6 Posted by Death_Burnout (3837 posts) -

This is definitely one of the few things that I find to be disappointing. I mean I never mind palette swaps, but if they had 3 outfits per character and palette swap all of those, that would have totally fine. Ultimately I would have liked to have seen SSX3's character specific customization but i can't win everything.

#7 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5277 posts) -
@PeasantAbuse said:

@Scinbed said:

I saw one that gives you extra rewinds.

Oh yeah. Some costumes also give stat boosts.

I also managed to get a couple of them that add extra Tricky time as well.
#8 Posted by Humanity (11438 posts) -

If your board already maxes out on the trick bar and you put on a suit that gives you a bonus to tricks - does that do anything? There no stat sheet for your character that I can see and I don't know if I'm imagining things or not but it seemed like I was spinning quite a bit faster.

#9 Posted by jakob187 (22313 posts) -

I do feel like they dropped the ball a bit as far as character customization. I really wanted my cowboy Mac back. However, I can understand why they went the route that they did.

#10 Posted by jaycrockett (588 posts) -

I even bought a Zoe outfit that was exactly the same as her default outfit. Lame.

#11 Posted by BPRJCTX (749 posts) -

@jaycrockett: Yeah, that's so stupid, not only that but outfits that you already bought still come in the store every once in a whille.

Another really stupid thing is, when you're trying to buy gear for a particular deadly descent, and it shows gear for other deadly descents, and only one option for the deadly descent you want to do, and there's no fucking way to refresh that thing to get new stuff.

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