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I notice a lot of people always refer to how this new SSX is or isn't like SSX 3 in some way. I've never seen anyone reference SSX on Tour once. Am I the only person that played that? I remember coming over to a friends house and playing On Tour for days, building my own character, increasing stats, just spending half an hour choosing matching jacket etc. I'm not the biggest SSX aficionado but is there a reason why no one ever mentions this game? Is it like some secret shame or for some reason hated by the collective community? Just curious.

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We don't talk about On Tour...

Seriously, it just wasn't on the same level as Tricky and 3. It didn't feel like a proper SSX game.

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@samcotts said:

We don't talk about On Tour...

Seriously, it just wasn't on the same level as Tricky and 3. It didn't feel like a proper SSX game.

I've enjoyed every SSX game I've ever played, which is all of them except the Wii one, and while I actually enjoyed On Tour a lot, it was no where near the level of the rest of them.

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It never existed.

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What was wrong with it? I remember my friend who wad a longtime SSX fan not happy with it either but since I kept playing it he eventually got into it. Was it the weird note book scribbles art style? The tracks were a lot of fun where you could often ride the rails from start to finish.

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I'm an oddity of SSX, I didn't like SSX 3 that much, I thought Tricky was loads better, I thought it was a dissapointing sequel. On Tour I loved, I dunno why. Probably cause you could ski which is the manlier snow sport, and when skiiers did uber tricks they looked like a complex tangle of nonsense, just boards flipping everywhere. It was pretty cool. Solid soundtrack too!

I really don't like how they took skiing back out, but I can live.

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I played it on PSP. It was alright for scratching my SSX itch, but it ain't no Tricky/SSX3

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@Djratchet said:

I played it on PSP. It was alright for scratching my SSX itch, but it ain't no Tricky/SSX3

SSX On Tour on the PSP IS SSX3. IDK why they called it on tour,

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@Dany said:

@Djratchet said:

I played it on PSP. It was alright for scratching my SSX itch, but it ain't no Tricky/SSX3

SSX On Tour on the PSP IS SSX3. IDK why they called it on tour,

That is... really weird. I think I do recall that, now that you mention it, same exact layouts on the maps. Then my gripes were with being used to dual shock controls, haha.

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On Tour? What is this blasphemy you speak of?

Seriously, as someone who was highly dedicated to SSX Tricky and SSX 3, On Tour was a fucking disgrace in comparison. The soundtrack was crap, the courses were crap, the menus were crap, the vibe was crap - everything about that game was just a joke in every way. It felt like someone pulled down their pants and used their herpes-infested dick to cockslap SSX fans altogether at once. After that, they threw SSX Blur out there, and that was just adding insult to injury.

I remember when On Tour came out. I was still reviewing games at the time, and it hurt like hell giving that game a negative review. It was just not up to the same standards that SSX Tricky and SSX 3 reached. I would say "it was the VR Missions to Metal Gear Solid", but I liked VR Missions and didn't care for Metal Gear Solid that just doesn't work well.

Here's how impressed I was with On Tour - I don't remember a single fucking thing about it today.

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Seems like I'm in the minority, but I enjoyed On Tour just as much as I enjoyed Tricky and SSX 3. And this is from someone who's owned every version of SSX, including the Wii version (though the less said about that the better). Maybe it just seemed like more SSX, which is what I was probably looking for from an SSX game at the time.

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On Tour is good. I honestly don't know why so many people hate it. It's actually not that much different than SSX 3, although I still think SSX 3 was somewhat better.

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@samcotts said:

We don't talk about On Tour...

Second rule of SSX: We do NOT talk about On Tour....

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@jakob187 I know you don't remember anything about it but te tracks were fairly similar to SSX3. They had more of a Tricky feel to them I think. I'm scared to think of the kind of reviews you used to write if you have such deep vitriolic hate for a game that was essentially extremely similar to SSX3.

I'm glad to see some people in the thread who also enjoyed it.
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What the poop is with the hate on On Tour? I've played every SSX game ever (save for Blur) and On Tour was fucking great! I loved it! That huge ride from the top of the mountain down was so awesome. There wasn't a ton of level content but the stuff that was there I remember loving it. And skiing was in it! Being a skiier I really appreciated that and pretty much skiied the whole time I played the game. It was awesome. AND THE SOUNDTRACK WAS FUCKIN' NUTS.

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SSX On Tour was alright, but when looking to compare the new SSX to any previous entry, you typically compare it to the best one in there, which would be SSX3. (though personally I can understand people who would argue SSX Tricky is the best)

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On Tour was dope!

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On Tour was great, riding down a whole mountain was a blast

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On Tour was good, but, for some reason i stopped playing after a short whille...

Being a big SSX Tricky and SSX3 Fan, that says a lot about it.

I think the reason a lot of SSX Fans didn't like it, is because they added skiing.

It wasn't bad, it was still done well, but that's not SSX, if they wanted to try that, they should have just done a separate skiing seriews.

It kinda diluted the feel of SSX.

And i also didn't like the vibe of the game.

And yeah, i remember barely nothing about it.

Bottom line is, it was still a good game, but, it's wasn't the next step after SS3, everybody was waiting for.

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For some reason On Tour didn't grab me like SSX 3, but it wasn't terrible. I wonder if part of this was that it came out right before the next console generation?

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