Getting gold in Races too hard??

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First of all, i breezed through the world tour mode with very little problems, and then i decided to throw myself into Explore mode and see how i fare on there ... and my god i'm pulling my hair out in frustration.

In World tour one of the first districts you go on is the Rockies, so i started on the rockies, and the two races on Whitehorn Mountain where two of the most frustrating things i have ever done. I had tried everything, faster boards, constant boosting, etc... but i couldn't beat 1st place, so then i changed to the same character that the game used to get Gold (Alex) and stuck with her, in no time at all i had her levelled up to level 10 (which got me the level 10 achievement) and i was still struggling whilst using all mods i could find and using the fastest boards that popped up ... and while i was improving on my own times i was still struggling like hell. Eventually on one lucky run i managed to edge out infront of the CPU and beat it by about 3/10th of a second and i felt so relieved.

What i am eventually getting to here is how is it possible to get all golds in this game on primarily the races in this game? I get that in the trick events just keep the combo going and you should get a beastly bonus at the end of the run but with races i just don't get the nack of coming first easily. I try and follow the course that the CPU picks and as soon as the CPU passes you they are impossible to keep up with, getting tricky and constantly boosting becomes harder as you have to keep using nose grind (or whtever its called, the SSX equivalent of a 'manual') so you can keep tricky going but even that never works all the time ... am i missing something here? If i am struggling to do these gold races on one of the early mountains in the game, then God help me when / if i make it to some of the even more challenging runs :/ - i would like to try and get 100% on this game as i love it to death, but the sheer impossibility of some of these races is hard to overlook and i fear i may end up putting the game down and never coming back to it which i do not want to.


Anybody got any good tips on how to breeze the races ??

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@aseddon130: Wingsuit. If you really want to cheese the gold medal tear it up with the wingsuit.

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They are supposed to require work to complete.

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@Jack268: God, the man leveled up one character all the way to 10 doing one race event, that's not putting in the work?

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@jaycrockett: Welp, I didn't read that hard enough. But I think if you've been playing one event that much you should be able to get a gold medal on it, unless you're just repeating the same exact mistakes over and over.

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Not jumping off the tops of jumps is a good tip, jump off the sides instead. I tried to not jump at all sometimes but that tended to mess me up because I still wanted to prewind.

Took me over 20 runs to get gold on the demo race it, and I can't say I was having that much fun. My plan now is just to try bronze everything and then come back around.

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Use more skill.

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Yeah, WIngsuit helps in some Races, but not all.

I don't know, i'm just playing one event after another, i'm not trying one event over and over, that's just not fun.

If i get gold the first time, awesome, if not, i'll just move on and come back later, with a leveled up character and a better board, unless i was really close, and i know i made some mistakes, then i'll give it another go.

But after that, i'll just move on.

Btw, i'm not having much fun playing this game, i don't know, i loved old SSX, really loved, with this one, i'm giving it all the chances i can, i'll keep playing it, but i don't know, i think that SSX magic is gone.

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I'm not much into race it yet, I plan on going back to that once I'm more familiar with the mountains because race it requires solid knowledge of the drops or cheesing with a wingsuit. That being said, I blew up the Race It event featured in the demo and got gold in maybe an hour or less. People shared a lot of tips in that big "post your demo scores" thread so you can sift through that thread for some help. In the meantime, while you work on your Race It fundamentals which are very different from Trick It fundamentals, you can use these simple tricks: Don't jump off kicks. Jump before them so you jump over them, and once you get a quick super tricky state just board slide everywhere and you will never lose boost. Just stop when you need make a big turn. With a little practice you can clear all the easier drops with no effort.

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It seems like they made it hard to get gold on purpose to keep you playing. The World Tour is so short so they needed to give you a reason to keep coming back, especially for people who don't have a ton of friends with the game or don't have Xbox Live.

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thanks for your views, i like how on that demo video they must have made the game easier just for the demo as that was the level i was repeating over and over to get done, so i know that drop back to front now. Near the beginning of the video there's a part where he's 2min 16secs into the race and he was right at the end and still in first place, and i know for damn sure if you're past the two minute mark on that level, you're definately in second place!

I've read numerous times you can use the wingsuit to cheese a few events but on the events i struggle on this doesn't work well, i noticed too that using the Wingsuit tends to slow you down a little bit more (got a level 10 wingsuit too) so i dunno about using that, i've definately tried it. I'm guessing that will work on a few more of the killer drops like Everest or something.

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Are you playing online? Learning for ghosts is a great way to figure out the best line. Most of the time if you're not hitting gold, you're simply not taking the optimal path. Were I not in a constant back and forth with Kicker1999 and DeathZoneX, I wouldn't have gotten such good times on some of these.

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Games should be hard and take practice, especially ones like this.
Sick of this generation being full of complete casual BS.

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Put in the time, learn the tracks. I like that getting gold on plenty of tracks is quite difficult. Plus playing tracks over and over again is really rewarding.

SSX is my go to chillout game. I wish I was at home now playing it all day.

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Eeveryone should get in on the 50,000 Riders medal taking place in the alps if we reach 50,000 EA says they willl unlock Lvl 11 and tuns of lvl 11 gears

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