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I'm slowly feeling confident enough in my skill to give some pro tips. I'd appreciate getting some pointers myself in return. Like can somebody answer if it's adviseable to use the signature trick every other time - or are there hidden diminishing returns? So here it goes...

  • Grabs and grinds, when sustained, get first 'HUGE', then 'MASSIVE' (It's indicated in the HUD and 'massive' grabs cause that tremor effect). My goal is to get as many 'massive' tricks into a run without bailing. Anything but massive tricks are not worth the risk. Grinds take a long while before they pay off and hence are less attractive than grab tricks in most situations.
  • In wingsuit races, don't jump. Go over the cliff with boost and deploy the wingsuit right away. Works for most chasms. Cutting corners while flying saves a lot of time.
  • 'Walls' are thine friend. Use them as ramps for big air grabs whenever possible.
  • Don't push jump and boost and boardpress buttons inadvertently. Keep your muscle memory in check. Try to turn all of your controller input into conscious decisions. I often catch myself loading up jump or boosting or boardpressing inadvertently, before actually having planned ahead. The loss in control is fatal.
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  • For an edge in Survive it events buy a level 1 board and reduce speed as much as you can.
  • Don't do that for avalanches though.
  • Flips are worth more than spins.
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Not really sure if I should post this, but there's an exploit for Mods. If you don't actually exit out of an event, but rather turn off your console (only thing I can confirm, but I guess just killing the game would work too) the mods will not be depleted.

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Here is a cool tip I found out by accident - the Sonar Goggles really help out in Africa. The GPS overlay thingy highlights the ceiling so you know when you can hold a trick and when to let go because you'll mash into it. The pits are also very visible.

Overall the sonar goggles are actually really fun to have on all the time.

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Some great tips, all very useful. Thanks!

When grinding, should you be mashing different trick buttons? How does grinding scoring work?

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@bibamatt said:

When grinding, should you be mashing different trick buttons? How does grinding scoring work?

I only do this to get my trick multiplier up to x20. After than you may as well hold them.

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Ejecting off rails while going in a downward motion often gives you a speed boost. If you can pair that with tricky mode, you can max out your speed and boost at the same time.

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What is worth the most? Spins, flips, or off-axis flips? (by off-axis i mean like rodeo's and stufff like that. corks, etc.)

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@D_Justice91: I created a thread which contains a link to a well detailed scoring system breakdown. Sadly that thread is dead on this website, but the discussion is still alive over at The Gravitude Bar. The simple answer is flips are worth the most. If you do off-axis flips you slow down your rotation and the points from the spin aren't worth it. I'm personally pretty cool with that though since pre-spinning in this game is reckless since you don't lock in when you hold jump.

Here is a simple flow chart for what I've found to be the most important factors to a high score in Trick It:

Flow Multiplier > Super Tricky State > Long combos under 100 tricks. I haven't had the chance to confirm it but a 100 trick combo bonus is suppose to give you a fat 1 million points. However that's never affected by your flow multiplier. Before the 100 tricks it's and additional 25k every increment of 10 tricks. so a very long but doable 70 or 80 trick combo will only net you 200k points.

EDIT: P.S. I love the name of this tread.

UPDATE: I've tested it and combos over 100 tricks long still use the same formula.One big 4 or 5 second trick in Super Tricky state is worth over a million with x20 Flow, so the actual combo bonus is menial. However part of keeping Super Tricky alive is also keeping your combo alive, so it's still best to do one long combo the whole run.

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