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So my copy just arrived today (I'm in the UK) and when I started the game it asked about my EA account. I quickly looked at it, noticing it was so old I didn't even have the email account associated with it, and then I skipped it. I wanted to play the game. After playing for awhile I then started to wonder what it actually does but more importantly how do I change it. I've looked through the menus and for the life of me cannot find how to get it back up so I can change it. Does anyone know?

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I think you need to login to see Global Events, as it needs connection to Ridernet, which is to say -- EA's servers. Any other leader-board or recommendation stuff too, I'd imagine.

Not sure how you'd go about setting it up from scratch as I knew and did mine from the start.

Maybe hit the [back] or [select] button on the main menu to try accessing Ridernet?

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@Scinbed: I had a look and no joy so far. It really doesn't seem to be in any of the menus at all.

I guess it really doesn't matter seeing as the online code is tied to my xbox account. If it just needs the account purely to see the events then I can live with it being wrong.

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