Quick Question Regarding "I Ain't Afraid of Snow Ghost"

#1 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -

I Ain't Afraid of Snow Ghost - Beat a Friend's Rival Ghost in every Range (in Explore)

I'm a little confused regarding this achievement. I understand that I have to beat a friend's ghost on all 9 ranges in the game, but does it have to be the same friend's ghost on all ranges, or will it unlock by simply beating any friend's ghost? For example, do I have to beat Adam on all 9 ranges, or can I beat Adam on 5 and then Steve on 4?

#2 Posted by rmanthorp (4367 posts) -

Any ghost. Any place on the range. I got this pretty fast by just flying around and going on courses with ghosts. It was defiantly not the same person every drop.


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