SSX and my constant struggle against broken physics.

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I love SSX. I have done for a decade now. Which scares me. That's a long time for me. So there's a new SSX as you are well aware and I'm jumping right in at the deep end nailing the fastest runs and scoring big on all the tracks I can. Squeezing out every last bit of speed on the race events and forcing Super Tricky wherever possible in trick events. I'm on Classic controls and already know how the game works off by heart. I got SSX down to a T guys. I have one, slight, unexpected, uncontrollable problem though. Something I cannot stop from ever being a problem. This games physics are harder to beat than any scores set by people.

I will always slowly catch up with people. Right now on my friends list I'm only ever behind one person at a time usually, between real life friends, I can usually come out on top. It's all about gear tweaking. The problem is, no matter how good you are at nailing fast lines or 20x combos, nothing prepares you for bouncing off a ramp in Siberia and suddenly sliding up the mountain, instantly losing all "flow" and therefore sacrificing all points and whilst I'm pleased they added "You can trick on any terrain" maybe they should have rethought that process for fucking tunnels.

Nothing says "Fuck you Player One" more than going into a tunnel, doing 3 loop-the-loops around it and flopping off your board as you see your combo dribble off the screen in bright, blood red... or on one particular drop in Siberia, popping out of the chopper directly into the route of a sweet jump only to be magnetically pulled towards the tunnel to the left of it. (Please if you know which course I mean, let me know. The jump I'm on about has a rail attached to it)

I've found it a lot harder to battle the physics than any players, what do you think?

EDIT: Oh and I dunno about you guys but I've gotten to a state where I'm restarting more runs than I'm finishing, usually because a physics fuck up ruins it. If it's not a flawless run I don't see the point in continuing. ESPECIALLY in fucking race events where rewind is even more punishing than Trick It. Oh how I wish for "Recover" button instead.

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Inb4lock. Sorry. :(

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@Enigma777: Moar like Smegma777

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YESYESYES! I was just thinking this when I played yesterday, and I couldn't agree with you more, I love this game a lot, and this is one of my few gripes about the game, and when you combine it with the replay system, and the (in my opinion) too big focus on the deadliness with huge crevasses and all that, it can becomes quite frustrating. Small bumps of snow you wouldn't think did anything can give you just enough lift to perfectly send you down a huge hole of death, onto another bump or into the side of a mountain, which completely screw the camera, and you line up. Now, if the rewind system had been functional and consistent, this wouldn't have bothered me, but the physics can be devastating.

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I also agree with that the magnetic pull is highly inconsistant at times verring you directly into disaster and at other times making locking onto rails an impossible feat. One thing that keeps happening to me over and over again is launching off a ramp, pretty much straight off - but as soon as I get in the air and start doing my flips I'm immediately getting pulled towards that one big tree to either side of the clear landing. SO MANY TIMES this has happened it's completely bewildering - or landing in between those 3 big rocks that trap you so you don't even fall, you just wiggle in place until you rewind. The whole rewind feature is practically useless online since in Trick it events it will completely erase your point pool. If I'm anywhere past 1/4 of the course theres no way I can catch up.

For rails theres that issues where sometimes you get that magnetic lock and you see yourself veering towards them and sometimes you seem to have to literally ride onto them because theres no other way it's going to happen. Whats worse is when I don't want to ride the rails in favor of doing launches on a particular segment and even trying to jump over the rails will just lock me into them. My most hated segment in the game, I don't remember mountain or segment, but you essentially come to a big drop that has these roofs and theres two levels. I can get a good trick off the first set of roofs but then hit the lower level and always skid 90 degrees to the left or right and don't even have time for a wind up sending me falling a good few seconds just doing a grab. Lower on you have those broken ski lifts and all those rails that don't all necessarily line up - anyway I haven't figure out how to jump out from one to the other very well.

You used to have a handstand button which was great because that was the "get on a rail" mechanic. You came close , mashed handplant and then as you let go your rider would perfectly spring up onto the rails.

The left trigger grind button completely eludes me. Why is there a manual grind at all? I can almost never get it to work he way I want. Wasted plenty of good runs because I was holding LT, lining up for that fallen tree only to just glance off of it, then somehow flip upside down and lose my entire combo.

Love the game, tons of fun with GB doods I added that keep motivating me to get better scores - but sometimes you just want to throw a controller into the tv.

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I feel your pain with the tunnels. It's like you've really have to go in dead straight because if I even think about entering at an angle it's a roller coaster ride in there. It's to the point where I just try to bear with it, if I have tricky I'll hold manual and try to boost my way through and that seems to help a bit, at least with holding onto my combo score. But the worst is this one time when I would just spin around the rim and then get launched up into the air, there was no salvaging that. I am really enjoying this game otherwise so I guess it just makes this one negative for me stick out in starker contrast.

As for the rails, I've had my share of issues with those as well, but they don't really bother me as much because the magnetic pull has really bailed me out of more than enough would-be end-of-run situations.

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@Humanity: Yeah, sometimes it's hard to grind stuff with the LT, but i think it's still better to have control over it, than getting into a grind when you don't want to.

I think they should release an update, to make it so you have to press LT to do every kind of grind, and then, put the option to hold to keep grinding and release to get off without jumping, or to press LT once to start grinding and press again to get off it without jumping.

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