SSX – Giant Bomb Leaderboards – PSN ID List

#201 Posted by Protome (361 posts) -

I'm in, PSN: Protome

#202 Posted by LoktarOgar (451 posts) -

PSN: Satsugai327

#203 Posted by Shookems (479 posts) -

psn: dividedbywords

#204 Posted by LandGrinch (26 posts) -

Sign me up.

lordlemming on psn.

#205 Posted by betterboulder (200 posts) -

PSN: PositiveCalvin

#206 Posted by Ashuramaru (43 posts) -


Add please :)

#207 Posted by Zaccheus (1837 posts) -

I'm on top of all the Trick It leaderboards with not very good scores. I'd like some more competition if anyone is interested. PSN: Zaccheus-

#208 Posted by Pink (5 posts) -

I literally have no one on PSN, so adding me would be cool. PSN ID: Bartoffel

#209 Posted by ImBigInJapan (294 posts) -

I'm a bit late to the party but my PSN name is biginjapanGWJ. I'm completely new to SSX so don't expect me to thrash your scores or anything. :p

I randomly Tossed out a few invites from this thread, but would be happy to get some invites sent my way,

#210 Posted by ShadowBlaze94 (11 posts) -

Sign me up too even though this is my first SSX so i'm not that good. PSN:astar14

#211 Posted by ogg25 (11 posts) -

PSN: ogg25

#212 Posted by backcountry_highwayman (5 posts) -

I'll be the next new guy to add to the list, hopefully this gets me to jump into the community a little bit

PSN: bluefire252

Add Me and let us have some good competition

#213 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

@Jack268: Can I be taken off of the list, I have been sent average 5 requests a day ever since I've been on here and its fairly annoying.

#214 Posted by Goblin (174 posts) -

Oh man, Explore mode is dead without any SSX playing friends. Sign me up!

PSN ID: Goblin_

I'm up for whatever, but I'll probably be polishing my Race It times the most.

#215 Posted by MattadorD (75 posts) -

I need some people to compete against so sign me up.

PSN ID: MattadorD

#216 Edited by Mr_Spinnington (155 posts) -

i just wanted to stop by and tell everyone how much fun it is hating you all on ridernet, notably , , , and especially

you're all bastards

#217 Posted by BottleShip (13 posts) -

I'll join! just le tme know if you're GiantBomb dudes. PSN ID is Advance26

#218 Posted by redyoshi (614 posts) -

@Mr_Spinnington: Oh, it's on now.

#219 Posted by Brownieee (7 posts) -

Hey I need some peeps to play against and try to beat my score :p

PSN ID: t-dub--

#220 Edited by Yossarian (67 posts) -

If people are still adding: Yossarian999

#221 Posted by dibdab (77 posts) -

Sign me up for that


#222 Posted by Space_Sandwich (119 posts) -

I'm totally down, I only have one other friend on PSN, so I'd love to fill that list up, if only to get on that Ridernet action.

Like my username, my PSN ID is Space_Sandwich.

#223 Edited by 1p (798 posts) -

My PSN ID is BibFor. It looks like i will continue playing this game for a long time.

#224 Posted by TweetTweet (41 posts) -

I'm in. Just write that you're from if you add me. Cheers! PSN ID: TweetTweet

#225 Posted by Heartagram (1288 posts) -

If anyone is still playing this go ahead and add me on ps3.


#226 Posted by Tearhead (2393 posts) -

This sounds cool.

PSN: Tearhead

#227 Posted by Eazyrider1 (27 posts) -

Count me in.

Eazyrider1 on PSN

#228 Posted by Fronominal (108 posts) -

Im so in! I do not have enough friends that play this game.

fronominal is my PSN

#229 Posted by rawrsair (836 posts) -

rawrsair, same as my username on here :)

#230 Posted by Tuppence (16 posts) -

This sounds great. Would love to beat some more high scores.

PSN ID: Nagaloth

Come at me bro!

#231 Posted by 3M0SceneStabr (7 posts) -

Is This thread dead?? ^~^ last post was like 7 months ago. Bur here is my PSM: 3M0SceneStabr :p i literally just got the game yesterday

#232 Posted by Management (614 posts) -

@3M0SceneStabr said:

Is This thread dead?? ^~^ last post was like 7 months ago. Bur here is my PSM: 3M0SceneStabr :p i literally just got the game yesterday

The whole game is basically dead at this point. SSX came and went pretty fast, which is a shame.

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