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#51 Edited by matti00 (677 posts) -

I'm up for this, none of my friends are likely to be getting SSX knowing them.

Gamertag: housesandhomes

See you on the slopes. EDIT: Also, great Ryan photoshop man, outstanding work.

#52 Posted by ArchV1le (245 posts) -

Add me! 360 Gamertag is MEGAKURTIS

#53 Posted by DazzHardy (902 posts) -

I was hoping there'd be something like this

Gamertag: DazzHardy

#54 Posted by BackpackKat (518 posts) -

Cant Wait!

GT: BackpackKat

#55 Posted by Mendelson9 (453 posts) -

Lets do this

GT: N Mendelson

#56 Posted by mtosh (123 posts) -

Sounds great, sign me up.

XBL: ritehandkid

#57 Posted by benson (316 posts) -

@Brother_PipPop said:

So who's going to throw down the gauntlet right now and say they will be the best?

I last played SSX Tricky 8 years ago, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to be the worst. In fact I just got a cheap copy of SSX3 today to practice a little bit in order to not humiliate myself completely when the new one drops.

#58 Posted by Stackboy (601 posts) -

Super keen.

Stackboy Royale

#59 Posted by Fracture (197 posts) -

Sounds like a good time


#60 Posted by TheKing (856 posts) -

I'm in!

GT: G0oseG0ose

#61 Edited by HallwayGiant (168 posts) -

Hoping that the GB community would do something like this.

GT: Hallway Giant

#62 Posted by smallmanoncampus (122 posts) -

Alright, I'll join. Gamertag is LeftmostZebra

#63 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

Was hoping for something like this. GT is Joshthebear

#64 Edited by WilltheMagicAsian (1547 posts) -

I'm definately going pick this up.

Gamertag: pzpzpzpzpz

#65 Posted by VikingChux (21 posts) -

Pre-ordered and totally excited for this game. Count me in.

Gamertag: VikingChux

#66 Posted by clandestine (18 posts) -

It is super awesome to see so many people excited for the game! I was worried how that quick look would turn out, you're never sure how the game is going to show.

I'd love to throw down in some global events. I'm not sure how fair it would be, seeing as I've been playing the game for 3 years and I don't think Connor's "I'm the best SSX player in the world" line is totally true, but we'll see. I'm sure you dudes will smoke me pretty quick.

, if you want to friend me up that would be easiest (gamertag is insatiablegames)

#67 Posted by soul101 (117 posts) -

Yup! GT: soul101

#68 Posted by SkyTurnsRed (13 posts) -

I'm coming out of lurking because I would love to have a ton of people on my list playing this.

GT: SkyTurnsRed. I'll accept any and all friend requests!

#69 Posted by Bam_D_Leprechaun (820 posts) -

i'm so in


#70 Posted by betusblues (47 posts) -

Sign me up!


#71 Posted by Weesh (59 posts) -

Can't wait to pick this up for the 360.

GT: Welshio

#72 Posted by UberExplodey (975 posts) -

GT: UberExplodey

#73 Posted by CARBITCH (5 posts) -

Yeah this looks awesome

Gt: denWoD i'll accept anyone

#74 Posted by MachoFantastico (5437 posts) -

I'm in!


#75 Posted by TehChich (172 posts) -


GT: TehChich

#76 Posted by rmanthorp (4226 posts) -

Awww shit! I went out last night and two more pages appeared. I'll add all these as soon as I can, so hyped that there is such a big group growing! Can't wait to tear it up!

Moderator Online
#77 Posted by DerTypDaa (7 posts) -

Sign me up.

GT : DerTypDaa

#78 Edited by CptChiken (2058 posts) -

I wont be getting it untill easter, but still add me on up guys! 
GT: Cpt chiken

#79 Posted by TyrellOCP (417 posts) -

No idea how good I'll be but the game seemed fun as hell when I played a demo.

I'm in.

GT: MightyMijetMan

#80 Edited by MyNiceIceLife (659 posts) -

still not 100% sure if i'll get the 360 or PS3 version yet (not sure if Mt. Fiji is worth it) , but put me down cause chances are that I'll get the 360 version.

GT: MyNiceIceLife

#81 Posted by fenix1989uk (38 posts) -

I am very interested in this.

GT: FoxHound957

#82 Posted by zudthespud (3326 posts) -

Yes yes yes. I need more Xbox Live friends anyway

GT: Unreal Lithium

#83 Posted by Gatehouse (819 posts) -

Sign me up to this snowboarding madness

GT - Gatehouse

#84 Posted by KeganBL (31 posts) -

I'm in! GT: Gordy Lightfoot

#85 Edited by Chaser324 (7008 posts) -

Just popped in SSX 3 to practice up on my shredding. Can't wait for the new game.

GT - Chaser324

#86 Posted by malnourish (85 posts) -

Steak Venison

Send me a request!

#87 Posted by Marino (5266 posts) -

Sign me up.

Marino V1

#88 Posted by Malphye (414 posts) -

I want in on this action.

GT: Dalphye

#89 Posted by Rmack (1105 posts) -

ZenPuff, please. I'll add everyone.

#90 Posted by mpgeist (655 posts) -

Not sure if I'll be active on runs but I'll throw my name in so I can populate my list for ridernet. GT: MP Geist

#91 Posted by Cryotorched (10 posts) -

Look for me at the bottom of all the tables ;p


#92 Posted by Shadow (5108 posts) -

The table's aligned weird. My gamer tag is displayed as belonging to the user above my name.

#93 Posted by EnchantedEcho (799 posts) -

@rmanthorp: I'm up for this: Digital Gaudium

#94 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

This response has got me super excited for this game. GT is Joshthebear. Hit me up.

#95 Posted by gla55jAw (2763 posts) -

Get me in on this!

gamertag - gla55jAw

#96 Posted by MisterUgly (35 posts) -

So down for this. If i dont get it launch day i'll prolly get it within the week.

GT: Mister Ugly

feel free to add me but in the request put Giant Bomb or Duder so i know its not a blind friend request

#97 Posted by BPRJCTX (749 posts) -

Hey GB community, i made this account a whille ago, and just recently started coming to this site because of all the ppl talking about how cool bombcast was, and so i did, and i loved it. Then i started watching quick looks, and dammit it, i'm addicted to it, it's been skyrim and quick looks, back and forth, all day long. Lol.

I think this website has the coolest community i've ever seen in any site, and i'm a big, big, huge fan of ssx!!! (watched that quick look of ssx, three times, from start to finish...) I actually won a PSM Tournament of SSX3, back in the day... ( lol, seems life a lifetime ago).

Anyway, i really want to play this game with a cool bunch of ppl, and you guys seem to be the best bunch around so, i came out of lurking just to say...

Hell Yeah!!! Let's Play Some SSX!!!


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@Shadow: Shit. I screwed that up. Sorry will sort that ASAP.

EDIT: Wait you are "your fat uncle" right? It says on mine it's on the same line. Weird. Could you check again and take a screen for me if it's still messed up?

EDIT2: My bad that could well of been a size issue due to me only having 2 rows. I think I have fixed it now :D

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#99 Posted by Stackboy (601 posts) -

Do you have to add someone to your friends list to have them in your leaderboards in SSX, or is seperate?

#100 Posted by rmanthorp (4226 posts) -

@Stackboy: See I'm not too sure at the moment. I am hoping there is another system in the game for that. I am also considering making a GBSSX tag so that everyone can just add that and that one will set up the events etc. Just have to wait and see right now.

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