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Gt: G1bb0s

any word on active multiplayer

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@rmanthorp: Have "AutoLog"-like features in the past allowed for users to "subscribe" to a collection of events using a tag (like @GBSSX or #GBSSX)? I imagine EA has very strict standards as far as how that tech is implemented, might be able to make some assumptions.

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GT : Big Winters

Let's do this

#154 Posted by GhettoHamburglar (3 posts) -

GT: VG Meatwad

#155 Posted by MST3k_Crow (8 posts) -

I have zero friends who are picking this game up so would be nice to have some ppl to play with. Thank you for setting this up.

GT: MST3K Crow

#156 Posted by OldManLight (1103 posts) -

sign me up

Old Man Light

#157 Posted by Bobdamicus (49 posts) -

Hell yeah, Hot Pursuit was kind of a bummer without people on my wall, so count me in

GT: Bobdamicus

#158 Posted by rmanthorp (4348 posts) -

UPDATE: In order to create an even that everyone can participate in I will use this GiantBombSSX account to run the Global Events. So going forward could you add either this account or my main account in order to take part in the events, as I will be using the friends of friends settings on my main account. I will create one each week (or each month depending on what people think) then I will post the drop name and start time, duration and any rules selected. Thanks duders catch you in game soon!

Continuing with RiderNet friends, it has been confirmed that it is all connected to XBL so if you want RiderNet rivals just get adding people from the list :D

#159 Posted by HawkSE (265 posts) -

I'm in. I pre-purchased SSX. Can't wait for the next two weeks.

GT: Hawk SE

#160 Posted by HenryHolbrook (13 posts) -

Can not wait for this. Sign me up!

Gamertag: EricBGH

#161 Posted by Stackboy (641 posts) -

@rmanthorp: This is great news, good way of getting around the 100 person cap on XBLA.

#162 Posted by RainDog505 (126 posts) -

Raindog5050 on XBL. All request are welcomed from fellow duders at all times.

#163 Posted by JynnanTonnyx (4 posts) -

@rmanthorp: Great! Sent a request to the account, and you can add my name to the list! GT: jynnan t0nnyx (zero in the 2nd part)

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I'm totally stealing this from NeoGAF, but we should call this "Giant Bomb's: SSX WubWubDubHub"

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@Mesoian: THIS PLEASES ME. Where about on GAF did you see that? It's awesome!

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@rmanthorp said:

@Mesoian: THIS PLEASES ME! Where about on Gaf did you see that? It's awesome haha!

In their SSX thread. They had a few posts about new trailers that came out today and someone suggested it for their SSX group thingabob.
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The Time Pilot

#168 Posted by ZZoMBiE13 (427 posts) -

@rmanthorp: I would like to be a part of this.


Gamertag: ZZoMBiE13

Friend Requests: Please attach a note telling me you're from this SSX club.

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Sign me up!

haven't played a SSX game since tricky but I am seriously excited for this.

pope ramone on XBL


#170 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (866 posts) -

Xbox GT - Mrskidd3rs, Sign me up

#171 Posted by wizpig64 (35 posts) -

Save me a seat on the hellachopper! -wizpig64 on everywhere.

#172 Posted by deathfury (493 posts) -

Man, I haven't played an SSX game in ages. Sign me up for this! My Xbox Gamertag is Death Fury Z.

#173 Posted by Tyashki (221 posts) -

I wanna be part of this.

GT: Tyashki

#174 Posted by Terra1909 (317 posts) -

I've broken down and preordered.

GT: Terra1909

#175 Posted by Mustachio (263 posts) -

I'm up for getting tricky.

GT: Dr Pongo

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just preordered! add me duders


#177 Posted by monssfisch (50 posts) -

GT: monssfisch

I think I might be more excited than Coonce about this game.

#178 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

This reception is crazy. Only three and a half weeks to go and it can't come fast enough. GT is Joshthebear since I'm lost in the middle of this thread.

#179 Posted by CrazyBagMan (925 posts) -

Cannot wait for this stupid game!


#180 Posted by Siriou5 (2 posts) -

Just preordered this and need some friends !

GT: Siriou5

#181 Posted by KillerFly (450 posts) -

Let's go!

Gamertag: PirateoftheDead

#182 Posted by Duckef (34 posts) -

I'm down. duckef

#183 Posted by razkazz (182 posts) -

Cool, sign me up!

Gamertag: Defect85

#184 Posted by csl316 (11562 posts) -

Been foaming at the mouth for this.

Gamertag - csl3l6

#185 Posted by Durandal377 (59 posts) -

Seems like a good idea.

Gamertag: Durandal 377

(with the space!)

#186 Posted by superpapergun (104 posts) -

HElls yes! Sign me up.

GT: Deathphox

#187 Posted by D_Justice91 (42 posts) -

Please, sign me right the fuck up!

XBL: JammyEntree

#188 Posted by DEAMONdarwf (2 posts) -

Jepp this will be a great beginning of another great yaer of gaming


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I changed my gamertag from pzpzpzpzpz to "Will Duder"

#190 Posted by Auswin (72 posts) -

I'm in.

Aussie Jim

#191 Posted by Deyardly (2 posts) -

Yes please, sign me up :)

Joined GB forums just for this thread.

XB-live-GamerTag = Deyardly

#192 Posted by alphaspid3r (4 posts) -

I don't think anyone on my friends' list will get this game so this sounds cool.

GT: alphaSPID3R

#193 Posted by Heartagram (1293 posts) -

I'd love to play this game with others

Heartagram1028 on 360

Mikebeeburns on Ps3

#194 Posted by Deathpooky (1541 posts) -

I'm in. Loved it on the PS2 and great to have it back and looking awesome.

360 GT: Deathpooky

#195 Posted by xdup (4 posts) -

sign me up!


#196 Posted by Robocoke (30 posts) -



#197 Posted by Stuartmrdowning (2 posts) -

Sounds cool.


#198 Posted by whatthegeek (74 posts) -

Count me in - I have a bad feeling that no one currently on my XBL friends list is going to pick this game up, which is a damned shame because it looks rad as hell.

GT: What the Geek

If you're gonna add me, please shoot me a message first letting me know why, introducing yourself, or teaching me a swear word in an exotic foreign language. I get a fair number of requests, but if you let me know you wanna play SSX, or at least teach me to offend someone in a new language, chances are I'll add you.

#199 Posted by Toddias (3 posts) -

I just cannot wait...


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Sign me up. GT: LLJK Shakra

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