The biggest problem with Global Events

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Is your times and scores earned through them, don't get carried over to Explore. So you may pull off an amazing run that you may never top again, yet as soon the event ends, that score/time disappears forever with it. That's just insane, and seems like a huge oversight.

Now I don't know where I want to be spending my time. On one hand, Global Events are more exciting, since credits are up for grabs and can be risked, and earning a Diamond or Platinum can be incredibly rewarding when you're competing against tens or hundreds of others, and it's the closest thing the game has to real multiplayer (not that it needs real multiplayer), there's the excitement knowing all these players are competing for this one prize with you at the same time. But other than the thrills and credit earning, there's nothing else to be gained with Global Events since the game doesn't track and display any of your stats from GE's, other than overall credits earned. As soon as a GE ends, all that data is gone forever, at least from our eyes. Aside from the brilliant Ridernet, it feels very basic, very bare bones.

So the longevity of the game comes from those leaderboards in Explore, the only real constant in the whole multiplayer side of the game, beating your friends times over and over again. But then I sort of feel I've yet to see any of that proper back and forth between players, because the huge amount of content actually, so far, has been its downfall. There are too many tracks to compete in, too many scores to keep track of and feel strongly enough for to spend hours perfecting, when who knows the next time a friend will reply with a challenge when they're busy competing in one of the other 150 drops. Quite a few of which don't even have any or many scores attached to them (something that would be helped if GE scores were carried over), though that's understandable since the game has only been out a number of days. And this is happening despite having added 30-40 people specifically for this game. Maybe over time it'll prove itself, I hope.

So yeah, to me it's a big deal. I don't know if it can be patched or updated or something, if they even wanted to, but I'm not really feeling compelled to play either Explore or Global Events at the moment without that crossover with highscores/race times. But of course I'll still be playing, as the game is incredibly fun. I'm just not sure of the legs on SSX as it is.

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Yeah it annoys me also. If it was the case I would never not be in Global Events. However, I am spending most of my time in explore as I see the scores will stay forever.

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Last night when i played SSX i saw a friend of me had competed in a global even i had put my score in the day before. (Serinity trick it 5day duration) and when i was gonna compare his score to mine, it was gone without the event ending. Anyone had that happening? Cause that could be the greatest problem of all if it's reoccuring.

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Yeah, seems like a pretty big oversight.

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Whatever. To me Global Events are just a way to earn a huge amount of money AND get a pretty cool Trackmania-esque experience, but I only actually care about Explore. I do everything in Explore first and THEN go to a global event after I feel I have mastered a track and a good event is going for that track...which is not all of the time.

If i do better? Meh, I really don't care. I know I'm never going to be able to get into the diamond bracket anyways, so there's no real danger in me outdoing myself so much I wish it carried back over. I guess it could have been nice to have some overall permanence to Global Event scores somewhere, but ultimately it doesn't bother me much.

There aren't that many tracks in the game, a lot for sure, but not too much I can't keep track of anything, it's a big game for a reason.

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I love the 'in the moment' feeling of the multiplayer. It's like playing a round of poker or buying an item from Ebay or something.

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I've heard there is a point exploit bug so I'm actually less interested in topping GE because I just never will. I see my top scoring friends peak at 50k - that's a lot for me - while the highest scorerer for the event has 160k. So like others to me GE are a way to earn money - and as Im still leveling up the characters I find that I do need it.

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@prikk: It happened to me as well on Serenity in the Trick It event. I ended up just doing it over and placing a better score. I should have a fat 500k waiting to bank from that too since I haven't been on lately.

I totally agree it would be better if the Global Event scores carried over. However, I will say I have had a ton of fun in Global Event and it's what I've spent an overwhelming majority of my time in. A large part of that is probably because I found another very good player who is on often enough to be a real rival. We basically just chaise eachother's scores around the world and place top 3 in everything we enter. I also think that if you can place a great score you should be able to recreate it to some extent. If you can't and you just got lucky that one event then you don't deserve it. I believe in the philosophy that if you can't do something with at least a little consistency you can't really do it.

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Did the score dissapear on thursday?

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Eyup. On PSN.

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Yeah, i had mentioned that before about the World Tour.

Now that i've finished it, it was cool, but when i first found out that the scores and times i was setting in World Tour, weren't carrying over to Explore...

I really felt like a dumb fuck trying to get first place in Race it, and doing clean runs on trick it events, they really made the World Tour mode feel like a waste of time and effort.

That's why yesterday, i just fucking ran through World Tour, just to get that out of the way.

But, wow, i didn't know it was the same with the global events...

That, is just bad...

Btw, i said this is another thread, but, i wanted to believe in the the Global Events, i really wanted to believe in it, but it just doesn't feel like you're playing online, i know that when you see players, those guys are there, but it just feels like you're always playing alone.

I have to say that i had more fun playing online in SSX3, almost 10 years ago, on the freaking PS2.

I like what they did with the online, but there's no reason why they couldn't have done both the Global Events, and regular online races and trick events, like in SSX3.

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DJ Hero 2 did the same thing where campaign scores didn't carry over to leaderboards. I'm not even bothering with World Tour until I want the achievements.

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@RoBear: It might be that since the game was offically released in europe thursday the 1st that it reset the score.

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