Which do you prefer? Trick It, Race It, or Survive It?

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I definitely prefer Trick It since I'm much better at it than Race It, and Survive It doesn't come off as fun for most of the events, but comes off as frustrating.

Also, Trick It is just more fun.

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What is this? Is this a sex question?

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Bop it.

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@ImmortalSaiyan said:

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Bop it.

Oh, hey there Nostalgia.

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Trick It is hte most fun, imo.

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Trick It > Survive It >>>>>>>>>>>> Race It.

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Race It is my favorite. I like Trick It, but I'm really bad at it.

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I went in thinking I'd be all about the racing, somehow expecting I'd be better at it than tricks or... Surviving.

But I've actually been doing better at trick events than racing, so I'm rolling with that.

Survive it isn't fun at all ever though.

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Trick it is my favorite by far.

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That's the problem with the Global Events. Everyone is doing Trick It and I find it to be pretty boring.

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Gotta say love them all, but Survive it is my favorite.

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Trick It > Survive It > Race It - though by now I get enjoyment out fo all 3 disciplines. Couldn't stand race it initially. Still is by far my least favorite.

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Trick it is fun, also i really hate when they combine survive it and race it. Although that might be only the one map, I'm having some serious issues with the death zone, Griff always smokes me right after the dark area, that area is so hard to navigate quickly, extremely frustrating.

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I like Trick exents the best because I'm not terrible at them. I am useless at Race events.

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No Preference, so far I enjoy them all equally.

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I had blown off SSX because I'm not a fan of trick games. But is there a full feature of race and survive features without the tricks? Is the single player worth it?

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Trick it, race it or survive it... Technologic... Technologic.

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@Redbullet685 said:

@ImmortalSaiyan said:

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Bop it.

Oh, hey there Nostalgia.

I prefer Flick It, to be honest. Though that only came around when it got EXTREME. I should probably feel bad.

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I always preferred racing in the original games, but Trick it events are my favourite in SSX '12, it's just fun to combo big tricks with as much big air as possible, these things are really de-emphasized in Race It compared to what I remember racing being like in the old games. It feels a lot more like you want to stay on the ground and avoid the air as much as possible, I don't remember feeling like you had to go to quite that sort of extreme in Tricky and SSX 3 to be successful.

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Trick it.

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I love race it, am indifferent towards survive it, and hate trick it.

I honestly just don't really see the fun in the trick it event... Get as many points as you can before you get to the bottom? What's fun about that?

Now race it on the other hand, trying to create a strategy for how to keep tricky for as much of the race as you can while not doing any extra tricks, that is fun to me.

But I have always liked strategy/puzzle games and I guess that is exactly what Race it is.

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@Claude said:

I had blown off SSX because I'm not a fan of trick games. But is there a full feature of race and survive features without the tricks? Is the single player worth it?

Keep in mind that in order to get good times in race it and survive it you need to also do tricks (a lot less of them) but there are as many race events as there are trick events and they are quite fun imo. Some of the survive events can be a bit annoying (specifically the dark ones and the ones that require armor) but the other ones are kind of like puzzle games, if you are into that sort of thing. Although there are a lot less survive events.

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@NickL: Oh man, now you got my interest. And I had blown this game off as a trick fest.
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I'm liking trick-it, haven't actually played since Wednesday, kind of curious to see how many ghost wins I have stacked up. I treat survival as my chill-out mode since you can just take your time, unless you're doing avalanche.

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@Claude said:

@NickL: Oh man, now you got my interest. And I had blown this game off as a trick fest.

Giant Bomb would have you think this game is nothing more than Tony Hawk on snow. I'm here to set it straight!

Seriously though, if you are on the fence I'd suggest starting with a rental and giving it a go. The demo is pretty bad in my opinion and not very representative of the whole product.

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@Claude said:
@NickL: Oh man, now you got my interest. And I had blown this game off as a trick fest.
The campaign requires trick events, but you can completely ignore that and just play explore mode or global events and never have to play a single trick event.  As said, you do need to do tricks to get boost, but you actually LOSE speed while you're in the air, so you can't over do it.   
You should also know that every course in the game can be played in either trick or race mode, with some having an optional survival mode as well.  If you're interested, you should download the demo and decide if the racing is fun for you.
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@NickL: If the tricks feel natural and you can use strategy to get the most out of your run, I'm pretty sure I would like it. Hell, I loved Pure and it was like SSX with ATVs. I'm more of a sim guy, but I was surprised how fluid it was.
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i really love the survival since its hard but rewarding when you complete it, race is also good i kinda hate trick it since everyone is apparently better then me, by a couple of mils.

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Now that I have a level 10 eddie, I've got to go with racing. Using a wing suit, racing is easily the most fun I've had with this game

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Race it. The sense of speed is so good in this game, It feels like you're missing something if you're not going a million miles an hour.

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Race It is definitely my favorite. Trick It comes last for me. Surviving is more fun

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Race it, because I suck at Trick It.

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Trick it. Survive it the least of all, as the game mechanics feel completely horrid to me. It simply the least fun of the three.

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Really struggling to answer this as I think all 3 have problems. Honestly though I think Survive It, depending on the run, is the most fun for two reasons. One you can cruise at your own pace, no need to trick like an insane person, and two it repeats, although tougher, meaning I can just go and go...and go. On the other hand though survive it sometimes totally sucks.

Now that I know the secret to tricking, trick events are boring to me, it's not fun just mashing out the same stuff that works over and over, and if i try to just casually trick now and then like it was SSX3 and get a bronze I feel bad that i'm not doing it right, as if the game is watching me >.>

Race It is just annoying, but now I'm getting golds in that all the time too...

No preference I guess, my issue lies within the learning curve being black and white. Race it would be a lot more fun if the gold times weren't so up there, because the sense of speed is great, and you can go so fast and still loose, and that's no fun. Maybe it's just me and my OCD to get golds no matter what.

There should be a 'Whatevs!!!' mode to just go down a run with no ghosts, no nothing, truly free to do whatever goofy shit you want, and select the time of day freely (that's another thing that bugs me)

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