robohasi's SSX (Xbox 360) review

A good game to enjoy with competitive friends

I got this game because my friends and I were having lots of fun in the demo, and there was some hardcore competition going on between us. Except I was the only one who bought the game (Some have got it now, but I am currently busy with other games.) I think the game is great. The graphics aren't very amazing, but the environments are well designed and different. This is my first time playing SSX so I love the massive jumps and crazy tricks. I think the Global Events are great, but more as a way to earn money than as a form of multiplayer (that feeling when it tells you you will earn 5 million credits this night). I think both Race It and Trick It are awesome, but Survive It not so much. It is fun in the campaign, but nothing to set highscores on and play millions of times. Ridernet is also a great addition, except I could not really try it because I was playing with some random people I met on Reddit, and beating their score didn't give me much satisfaction. A few things I don't like are the lack of multiplayer, and the fact that alternating the "Blackbird" and "All You Can Eat" tricks is the best way to get high scores, so that you don't really get to vary tricks. Also, my game crashed in the first week, and I lost all of my progress of about 20 hours.

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